• Apart from the occasional classic, I have rarely felt the urge to read a book twice . . . <i>Black Rabbit Hall's </i>beautifully crafted mystery is a delight I want to experience again and again . . . make Chase's debut the one to pack in your suitcase

  • There's something about tales of mysterious old buildings that have the ability to set hairs on end. In this one, two intertwining stories explore the magnificence of Black Rabbit Hall and the dark secrets behind its walls. Perfect

  • Atmospheric, with echoes of du Maurier, this haunting novel enchanted me

    Woman & Home
  • Beautifully, poetically written and reminiscent of everything from<i> I Capture The Castle</i> to <i>Hansel And Gretel</i>. Eve Chase is a name to watch

    Daily Mail
  • A cracking pool-side saga

    Good Housekeeping
  • <i>Black Rabbit Hall</i> pulls you like a sleepwalker into a beautiful, hazy story about a grand Cornish home full of character and thunderclap memories, we found ourselves breathless with anticipation. Eve Chase's debut novel is like a prolonged and beautiful daydream, celebrating the enduring power of place in our lives

    iBook Books of the Month
  • <i>Black Rabbit Hall</i> completely swept me away. Glorious, beautifully written. I absolutely loved it

    Sunday Times bestselling author of I Found You
  • Family secrets, forbidden lust, and a family of four extraordinary children who'll stick with you long after they've scattered off the page. Eve Chase kept me up with her gorgeous descriptions of a crumbling Cornwall estate and the unruly brood who meets tragedy within its walls

    New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet
  • A deliciously intriguing novel whose rich sense of time and place bear more than a few echoes of du Maurier's best

    Edgar Award-winning author of The Wicked Girls
  • A plot so absorbing that <i>Black Rabbit time</i> will creep up out of the pages and envelop you completely . . . To say I loved this book would be an understatement

    The Book Bag
  • It's a fast-paced story of secrets, betrayal and consequence . . . we promise you'll be gripped

    Essentials Magazine
  • The perfect piece of summer escapism, gently edged with glamorous fairy dust. We loved it

    Psychologies Magazine, September Book Club choice
  • A fabulous story. Masterfully realised by Chase, this is one of <i>those</i> books that demands complete attention and lingers in your mind for days after finishing the last page
  • Brilliant

    The Lady
  • Debut novelist Chase weaves together Lorna's investigations with Amber's tribulations, a tapestry embroidered with madness, a horrifying accident, and malicious lies. Compellingly readable and riddled with twists and turns worthy of Daphne du Maurier, Chase's tale will delight

    Kirkus Reviews
  • Chase's heart-wrenching first novel is equal parts romance, mystery, and historical fiction

    Library Journal
  • Chase deserves high marks for her atmospheric setting and vivid prose, and fans of old-fashioned gothic stories will find this a winner

    Publishers Weekly
  • An absorbing, pacy book full of secrets, lovable characters and dramatic turns,<i> Black Rabbit Hall</i> revolves around the lives and loyalties of four siblings caught up in a life-changing event at their family's country home in Cornwall. A fantastic debut

  • A beautifully written novel

    Marie Claire