• Publisher's description. How much can any of us do to save those we love from themselves? What does the dark legacy of guilt do to a person, to a relationship, to a family? Achingly poignant and sharply witty, this portrait of a single tragedy rippling across many lives has all the makings of an American classic.

  • Imagine Me Gone is literature of the highest order. It manages to be both dreadfully sad and hilariously funny all at once. It is luminous with love

    Peter Carey
  • Exceptional, haunting, intimate and panoramic...There is an exhilaration in reading something so perceptive and well executed...This is certainly a sad story, but also a warm and moving one, which bears witness to the intertwining of grief and love

    Sunday Times
  • With skill and subtlety, Imagine Me Gone sweeps the reader into its characters' worlds and makes us reflect on our own lives. It might be the best American novel about a middle-class family since Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections

  • Haslett has a great gift for capturing the strikingly different inner worlds of his characters and rendering them in beautiful prose

  • It's not just one of the best novels of the year; it might be one of the best novels ever about living, and dying, with mental illness

    NPR Best Books of the Year 2016
  • Raw, tender and hilarious...a family saga reminiscent at times of Anne Enright's The Green Road...The Pulitzer-Prize-shortlisted Haslett lets rip to dazzling effect...A showstopper

    Daily Mail
  • There are some books, and this is one, that grab you in the first paragraphs and don't let go. A beautiful novel that re-evaluates how we cope with tragedy

  • Brilliantly captures the excruciating burden of love


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