• I love Ali Smith's writing, and I've been keeping Autumn for an end-of-book holiday treat

    Val McDermid, 'The Observer'
  • In a country apparently divided against itself, a writer such as Smith is more valuable than a whole parliament of politicians

    Financial Times
  • Bold and brilliant, dealing with the body blow of Brexit to offer us something rare: hope

    Jackie Kay
  • Humour, grace, solace...A light-footed meditation on mortality, mutability and how to keep your head in troubled times

    The Guardian
  • Transcendental writing about art, death and all the dimensions of love. It's not so much 'reading between the lines' as being blinded by the light between the lines - in a good way

    Deborah Levy
  • The novel of the year is obviously Ali Smith's Autumn, which managed the miracle of making at least a kind of sense out of post-Brexit Britain

    The Observer
  • Autumn is a beautiful, poignant symphony of memories, dreams and transient realities

    The Guardian
  • Experimental, thematically complex, associative, time-juggling, powered by a crazed and energetic curiosity

    Sunday Times
  • Pure literary magic

    Mail on Sunday
  • Puckish, yet elegant; angry, but comforting. Long may she Remain that way

    The Times

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