• <b>King of the Universe</b> . . . <b>Comic genius</b> . . . <b>Entertainment incarnate</b>

  • <b>Izzard is </b><b>Wikipedia in heels</b>. He's made his career out of hilarious, dizzying, surreal routines held up by their own daft logic . . . <b>A</b><b> force of nature</b>

    Radio Times
  • <b>Sheer Comic Genius</b>. His humour reflects the scattershot lunacy of Monty Python, but with a sophisticated silliness that is entirely his own. <b>He is the most brilliant stand-up comedian of his generation</b>

    New York Times
  • <b>A comedy gem</b>

  • Izzard has <b>a knack for reducing centuries' worth of history to just a few exquisite words</b> (the Romans were just 'fascist plumbers', for example)

    Time Out
  • <b>The funniest man in England</b>

    John Cleese
  • <b>The funniest man in, well, pretty much all of the known universe</b>

    Los Angeles Times
  • <b>Izzard is fleet of foot - even in Cuban heels</b>

  • <b>Had the Pythons stuck it out, they'd certainly be doing Izzard-like gags</b>

    Chicago Tribune
  • <b>A consistent intelligence underpins Izzard's whimsy</b>

  • <b>True Izzardians are every bit as committed in their fandom as Star Trek or Dr Who fans</b>