• <b>If you loved Adrian Mole you'll adore Lizzie Vogel </b>. . .<b> </b>quirky and witty, it also packs an emotional punch

  • <i>Reasons To Be Cheerful</i> is <b>just the read you need right now</b>, seamlessly <b>weaving together the big themes of life with charm and warmth</b>

  • Full of comedy, but with moving themes of loss and grief, it's <b>an utterly charming coming of age story. A reason to be cheerful indeed</b>

    Sunday Mirror
  • <b>Very few writers can find the delicate balance between heartbreak and hilarity like Nina Stibbe</b>

    Red Magazine
  • <b>There is innocence, and the loss of innocence, and the reassertion of a wider and better sort of innocence. </b>

  • <b>'Nina Stibbe is an author of such effortless wit that she could turn a shopping list into a bestseller'</b>

    Women and Home
  • <b>A wonderfully funny novel . . . Nina Stibbe is still on sparkling form.</b>

  • There's <b>a strong Sue Townsend/Alan Bennett</b> flavour to it all . . . <b>funny and sweet</b>

    Daily Mail
  • Stibbe is <b>a terrific writer with a gift for sharp dialogue</b>

    Evening Standard
  • She captures exactly what it's like to be a teenager, with all its contradictions, confusions, anxieties and ambitions.

    The i
  • A touch of Holden Caulfield in 1970s Leicestershire

    Spectator on 'Paradise Lodge'
  • <b>Stibbe is herself becoming a worthy successor to Pym</b>

    Financial Times