• I was gripped by The Lost Boys - it contained more tension, more plot in fact - than any thriller and was written with her usual extraordinary clarity and panache. To say that she makes history come alive is such a cliché and yet it's so true, she is absolutely one of my favourite writers

    Kate Atkinson
  • Catherine Bailey has already demonstrated a truly remarkable ability to intertwine searing family histories with great historical events. With The Lost Boys she outdoes even herself, with a true story that simultaneously shows huge personal empathy with the fate of two toddler brothers as well as a profound understanding of the pure evil that lurked at the heart of the Third Reich

    Andrew Roberts, author of 'Churchill: Walking with Destiny'
  • Bailey has an extraordinary talent for bringing history to life and The Lost Boys is as thrilling as any novel

    Daily Mail
  • Remarkable . . . The Lost Boys is a powerful, engrossing story of a journey into the heart of darkness and final escape from it

    Sunday Times
  • Bailey has a knack for bringing characters to life . . . Fascinating

  • One of the most harrowing, beautifully written and brilliantly researched books I have read in a very long time. I was completely absorbed from first page to last, and I enormously admire both Catherine Bailey's dedication to her subject and her expertise in recounting such a complex narrative. She is brilliant at conveying both character and location, and maintains an extraordinary control over every section of the story

    Selina Hastings
  • Gripping. Reads like the best kind of mystery story.

    Sunday Times on 'The Secret Rooms'
  • Compelling. A remarkable piece of research which throws a bright shaft of light on powerful people, hypocrisy and the First World War

    Guardian on 'The Secret Rooms'
  • Extraordinary, fascinating, harrowing. A truly compelling read

    Sunday Telegraph on 'Black Diamonds'
  • Black Diamonds has the great gift of bringing to life personal histories...wonderfully paced and wholly satisfying

    Kate Atkinson on 'Black Diamonds'