• A masterpiece of clear-eyed humility. . . Alexievich is the most inspired and inspiring of all Nobel prize winners, a genuine bearer of witness

    Tim Adams, Observer
  • Astonishing. . . Like the great Russian novels, these testimonials ring with emotional truth. . . Few people have ever conjured better the pain of loss

    Caroline Moorehead, Guardian
  • An antidote to nostalgic World War II narratives. . . Breathtaking, occasionally unbearably sad. Svetlana Alexievich is in a class of her own

    Paula Hawkins
  • Svetlana Alexievich is quite simply the greatest practitioner of oral history ever known. She is unique

    Antony Beevor
  • A major work by one of our greatest living historians. . . a profound, revelatory book. Through an artfully crafted and sincerely empathetic technique of enticing, soothing, and teasing out - gentle, unobtrusive, knowing when to encourage and when to let a pause run its course - Alexievich uncovers some of the most evocative war stories ever published

    Jane Graham, Big Issue
  • These stories demand to be read

    Gerard DeGroot, The Times
  • If God existed, or had an ear, she might listen the way Svetlana Alexievich does to the stories of her fellow ex-Soviets. . . These stories have a hallucinatory clarity, like visions or nightmares-except they are made simply from the stuff of life

    John Freeman, Lit Hub
  • Last Witnesses sheds light on aspects of the war involving millions of ordinary Soviet citizens that will be unknown to most Western readers. . . Alexievich's method is to trim and rearrange oral testimony into concise and vivid prose

    Kathleen Smith, Literary Review
  • The experience of reading these thousands of human confessions has an astonishingly powerful impact

    Gaby Wood, Daily Telegraph
  • A masterly and potent reminder that the memory of loss belongs to individuals and communities, and not to the states that turn its psychic energy to other ends

    Kevin Platt, TLS