• A Wes Anderson-esque tale to fall for

  • The town is filled with magic, and so is Hooper's writing

    New York Times
  • Warm-hearted and winsomely imaginative

    Sunday Times
  • Our Homesick Songs tells a relevant, strong story about the impact of environmental change on rural communitiesand the way the young generation can feel responsible for and angry at what their forebears have done [...] This is a novel in love with music, magic and the idealism of childhood

    The Times
  • Emma Hooper has used her craft and knowledge to weave together a plot mindful of narrative's oral and lyrical beginnings, integrating folk tale and song into her work . . . an almost musical rhythm and pulse not often found in fiction writing

    Literary Review
  • The prose flows like the waves it recounts: back and forth seamlessly . . . it is elegant and musical

    The List
  • Hooper is fascinated by the emotional territory of migration and how individual lives are shaped by forces as powerful and inexorable as the sea

    Daily Mail
  • Emma Hooper has constructed such an authentic sense of place from such a distant shore

    Irish Times
  • With stark prose, Hooper captures the desperation and difficulty of life on the edge of civilization. Heartbreaking and empathetic, Hooper's fine novel is a haunting evocation of changing times and the power of place

    Publishers Weekly
  • Lovely and lyrical. A story about storytellers told with a beguiling simplicity. Hooper's work brims with mermaids and music and memory

    Toronto Star

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