• Praise for Anything You Do Say

  • Dark and intense . . . An exhilarating hold-your-breath read!

  • A smartly conceived psychological thriller

    Sunday Times
  • This gripping thriller will make you wonder: What would I do? We couldn't put this book down!

    Take a Break
  • This clever novel reminds me of Sliding Doors - it will challenge every belief you have

  • Joanna has two choices: does she call 999 or run? Ingeniously, the novel's alternating chapters depict both riveting options

  • A Sliding Doors-style thriller that will keep you gripped until the final page

  • Praise for Everything but the Truth

  • Packed with twists and turns that will make it almost impossible to put down

  • This contemporary love story wrapped up in a thriller is a brilliant read. Compelling and intense

    Sunday Mirror