• Matt Parker has pulled off something <b>wonderful</b> . . . his<b> stories are superb</b>.

    The Daily Mail
  • Parker is consistently very funny . . . <b>highly entertaining</b>.

    The Guardian
  • Numbers to die for. Four stars.

    Mail on Sunday
  • Bought it yesterday, enjoying it enormously, well done!

  • I just finished the new book by irrepressible maths enthusiast <u>@<b>standupmaths</b></u>, and it's GREAT!

  • An entertaining and often alarming journey through the numerical blunders made over the years.

    The Big Issue
  • "[Matt Parker] shows off math at its most playful and multifarious" --Jordan Ellenberg, author of "How to Not Be Wrong

    Jordan Ellenberg
  • Matt Parker is some sort of unholy fusion of a prankster, wizard and brilliant nerd--maths is rarely this clever, funny and ever so slightly naughty.

    Adam Rutherford, author of "Creation"