Due for release 2nd November 2017

Nothing Stays Buried

P. J. Tracy

Nothing Stays Buried is the eighth book in P.J. Tracy's internationally bestselling Monkeewrench series.

When Marla Gustafson vanishes on her way to her father's farm, her car left empty on the side of an isolated country road, even Grace MacBride and her eccentric team of analysts are stumped.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, homicide detectives Gino and Magozzi have a serial killer on their hands - two women murdered in cruelly similar fashion, with playing cards left on the bodies. But one card is an ace, the other is a four - it seems the killer is already two murders ahead.

With both teams stumped, it slowly becomes clear the evidence is inexplicably entangled. And they have little time to unravel the threads: a twisted killer is intent on playing out the deck...


'Outrageously suspenseful' Harlan Coben

'A fast-paced gripping read with thrills and devilish twists' Guardian

'A powerful thriller and an ingenious plot' Observer Review

'Some of the best new blood work in the genre . . . Scary funny, witty, and genuinely perplexing right to the end' Glasgow Herald

  • Penguin
  • Published 2nd November 2017
  • 320 Pages
  • 128mm x 198mm x 20mm
  • 225g
  • £7.99