• <b>A thriller of an unusually classy calibre. </b>Eloquently written, intensively researched ... Brabazon has crafted <b>hugely gripping, </b>thought-provoking yarn, grounding its outlandish elements in solid realism and vivid characterisation

    Financial Times
  • <i>The Break Line </i>delivers <b>a full-throttle exercise in tension</b>

  • <b><i>The Break Line</i> is a distillation of a quarter of a century of travel with a camera in one and and a notebook in the other.</b> Set in Sierra Leone, it sees Special Forces veteran Mac McLean on a mission that is non-routine even by his own black ops standards . . . <b>It's so twisty and multilayered it would be easy to imagine it as a computer game.</b>

    Mail on Sunday
  • <b>Echoes of Joseph Conrad &amp; Frederick Forsyth's <i>Dogs of War</i>: not for the faint-hearted, as ferocious a portrait of an assassin as you will find</b>

    Daily Mail
  • <b>Veteran war correspondent Brabazon brings his experience of the world's most dangerous places to this brutally compelling thriller . . . Andy McNab meets <i>Heart of Darkness</i></b>

    Mail on Sunday
  • <i>The Break Line </i>punches you in the stomach on the first page and then <b>p</b><b>lunges you into the most extraordinary and exciting world of covert operations that I have ever read</b> . I have worked in those places and covered those wars... Brabazon's novel gets it exactly right. <b>With a terrifyingly precise eye and an irresistible prose style, he has creates a world that is almost impossible to leave.</b> I finished the book three days ago and feel like I'm still waiting for the choppers to come take me home...

    Sebastian Junger
  • <b>A taut, razor-edged thriller</b>, packed with granular detail and authenticity

    </i>James Swallow, author of<i> Nomad
  • Beautifully written and extensively researched, <i>The Break Line</i> is <b>a riveting page-turner, a gruesome delight, and a study of what lies in the shadowed corners of the human heart</b>

    </i>Gregg Hurwitz, author of<i> Orphan X
  • Brimming with authenticity, <b>tightly plotted and beautifully written</b> ... <i>The Break Line</i> is <b>a belter of a thriller</b>

    </i>Fiona Cummins, author of<i> Rattle
  • <i>The Break Line</i> is <b>insanely immersive, brilliantly blurring the lines between fiction and reality. </b>I couldn't put it down<b>' </b>

    </i>Tom Marcus, No.1 bestselling author of<i> Soldier Spy
  • <b>Breathless, complex, and seriously hardcore </b>- don't plan to sleep tonight.

    </i>Lee Child
  • <b>Taut, tough and visceral - and, most of all, written with a breath-taking authenticity' </b>

    RAYMOND KHOURY, Bestselling author of The Last Templar
  • <b>A natural-born writer...strong, lucid, non-stop suspense </b>

    Ted Bell, New York Times Bestselling Author of Overkill
  • A brilliant debut thriller. He knows how to hook a reader and keep them hoovering up pages