• 'A must read. Iggulden is clearly having fun pitching his various heroes and villains into bloody combat' SciFiNow

  • An old-school Fantasy novel, strong on character, in which readers can immerse themselves

    SFF World
  • Enough machinations, conspiracies and controversies to rival Game of Thrones

    ***** Reader Review
  • Strong characters and plotting, combined with world-building skills on a par with Brandon Sanderson's - what's not to like? VERY highly recommended!

    ***** Reader Review
  • If you love David Gemmell, you will love this

    ***** Reader Review
  • Iggulden is a master storyteller

    Sunday Express
  • Fascinating. Sword masters, magic stones, warriors brought back from the dead and two cities a thousand miles apart. What a great read

    ***** Reader Review
  • High fantasy tinged with dark magic, an East-meets-West clash of cultures, and an epic adventure

    ***** Reader Review
  • Iggulden is in a class of his own

    Daily Mirror

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