Ageless Beauty

The Secrets to French Elegance

Clemence von Mueffling

'This book is a magical guide, with expert advice in three categories so women of all ages will feel it is specifically tailored to them' Aerin Lauder, Style and Image Director of Estee Lauder


Your ultimate guide to French beauty.

Three generations of Parisian women - grandmother, mother and daughter - have each spent their lifetime immersed in the beauty world, to give you three generations of beauty advice.

Now you can discover the secrets that only decades working at iconic brands such as French Vogue, Clarins and Dior can provide.

Clémence Von Mueffling draws on her family's wisdom and passion to show how you can achieve effortless French beauty at any age.

With essential advice, techniques and tips in ten categories such as Hair, Skin, Makeup, Sleep, and Perfume, Clémence shows that with simple changes to your daily habits and the right products, you too can feel energized, confident and happy... à la française.

Chapters include:

- The Frenchwoman's notion of beauty
- Improve your daily beauty routine
- Maintain your youthful skin - without the doctor
- Taking care of your body
- Hairstyles a la Francaise
- Joie de Vivre

Full of tips, intimate anecdotes and expert interviews, Ageless Beauty is sure to become every woman's definitive beauty guide.


'A delicious dose of effortless chic, timeless glamour, priceless beauty secrets, self-care and self-confidence' Sarah Brown, former Beauty Director, Vogue

  • Michael Joseph
  • Published 14th June 2018
  • 256 Pages
  • 144mm x 222mm x 27mm
  • 392g
  • £14.99