• So compelling, filled with so many fascinating characters and new information... The book reads more like a delicious page-turning novel... Destined to become an instant nominee for financial book of the year

    Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg
  • A terrific book, a terrific read... I recommend it highly... It's a hell of a story

    Lou Dobbs, Tonight, Fox News
  • Tells a surprisingly captivating story. It turns out that a firm like Renaissance, filled with nerdy academics trying to solve the market's secrets, is way more interesting than your typical greed-is-good hedge fund

    Joe Nocera, New York Times
  • Gregory Zuckerman lifts the lid on the most fascinating man in financial markets...superb reporting

    Robin Wigglesworth, Financial Times
  • Zuckerman brings the reader so close to the firm's inner workings that you can almost catch a whiff of the billionaire's Merit cigarette

    Brandon Kochkodin, Bloomberg
  • A gripping biography of investment game changer Jim Simons... readers looking to understand how the economy got where it is should eat this up

    Publishers Weekly
  • Worthwhile reading for budding plutocrats and numerate investors alike

  • Zuckerman vividly tells the story of how Jim Simons and his team of scientists developed the most successful quantitative trading operation in history. . . . Immensely enjoyable

    Edward O. Thorp, author of A Man for All Markets
  • An extremely well-written and engaging book . . . a must read, and a fun one at that

    Mohamed A. El-Erian, author of The Only Game in Town
  • Leave it to the Wall Street Journal's Greg Zuckerman to lay open the golden mysteries of quantitative investing. With this fine, humane, and eye-opening book, he's well and truly broken the code

    James Grant, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

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