Due for release 25th October 2018


Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities

Eric Kaufmann

A groundbreaking book based on a wealth of data that aims to change the conversation about ethnic diversity, immigration and populism

This is the century of whiteshift, a period of cultural and political instability as our societies become increasingly mixed-race. Immigration is remaking the West - over half of American babies are non-white, and by the end of the century, minorities and those of mixed race are projected to form the majority in many other countries.

The early stages of this transformation have led to a populist disruption as anti-immigration populists tear a path through the usual politics of left and right. How do we enable conservatives as well as cosmopolitans to view whiteshift as a positive development?

In this groundbreaking book, political scientist Eric Kaufmann examines the evidence to explore ethnic change in Western Europe and North America. Tracing four ways of dealing with this transformation - fight, repress, flight and join - he charts different scenarios and calls for us to move beyond empty talk about national identity. We have to open up debate about the future of white majorities or else risk more radical political divisions. To find a way forward, Kaufmann proposes a new story: of 'whiteness' as a broader, far more inclusive ethnic term.

Bold, original and deeply thought provoking, Whiteshift redefines the way we think about race in the twenty-first century.

  • Allen Lane
  • Published 25th October 2018
  • 496 Pages
  • £25.00