Life in the Garden

Penelope Lively

The two central activities in my life - alongside writing - have been reading
and gardening.

Penelope Lively has always been a keen gardener. This book is partly a memoir of her own life in gardens: the large garden at home in Cairo where she spent most of her childhood, her grandmother's garden in a sloping Somerset field, then two successive Oxfordshire gardens of her own, and the smaller urban garden in the North London home she lives in today.
It is also a wise, engaging and far-ranging exploration of gardens in literature, from Paradise Lost to Alice in Wonderland, and of writers and their gardens, from Virginia Woolf to Philip Larkin.

  • Fig Tree
  • Published 2nd November 2017
  • 208 Pages
  • 144mm x 222mm x 23mm
  • 334g
  • £14.99