• Als has a serious claim to be regarded as the next James Baldwin

  • There are few more fearless, thought-provoking writers at work today.

    i-D magazine
  • No one understands the intersections of race, gender and sexuality as intuitively as Als does or explodes them with more brio

    Washington Post
  • Als is one of the most consistently unpredictable and surprising essayists out there, an author who confounds our expectations virtually every time he writes.

    Los Angeles Times
  • Mr. Als is a national treasure

    New York Observer
  • Als is a poet on the page, and his insistence on breaking the essay form defines his liberation as a writer

    The Rumpus
  • Als' work is so much more than simply writing about being black or gay or smart. It's about being human

  • A writer of many moods-meditative, sardonic, haunting, funny, reflective, and unconventional ... a compassionate writer looking for unity--even if it can't always be found

    Publisher's Weekly
  • Als is pyrotechnic, lifting off the page in a blast of stinging light and concussive booms that somehow coalesce into profound cultural and psychological illuminations


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