• The Kites is indeed a treasure, capable of accessing an enormous node of insight and almost-overwhelming beauty spliced with bittersweet candor... we are lucky to have it at last. We're going to need it.

    BOMB Magazine
  • This final work by a maverick genius of modern French fiction tells a story of love and war that's both charming and moving. It's a perfect introduction to the unique imagination of Romain Gary

    Boyd Tonkin
  • Romain Gary has created a gallery of heroes who are willing to die for liberty but have to settle for the lesser victory of self-knowledge

  • A major literary star ... whose life was stranger than fiction

  • A rebel French writer ... a brilliant storyteller, a master craftsman and one of France's most original writers

  • What talent, most certainly, how many ideas and passions too. You seize us and shake us. Ah!

    Charles de Gaulle
  • What a gold mine!

    Jean Paul Sartre
  • A truly beautiful novel

    David Bellos
  • Gary is brilliant at capturing the existential emotion for which the title of "The Kites" is an obvious metaphor -- sky-bound yet tethered by that string.

    Gal Beckerman, New York Times Book Review
  • More than a humorist, more than a storyteller, he's a moralist, an independent and significant student of the struggle to tell right from wrong, good conduct from bad. This struggle took place within a life that was, as people like to say, itself as good a story as any novel that he wrote

    Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker

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