Nadiya’s Family Favourites

Easy, beautiful and show-stopping recipes for every day from Nadiya's BBC TV series

Nadiya Hussain

<h2> Nadiya returns to your TV and your kitchen . . . </h2>

This is the OFFICIAL cookbook, featuring the beautiful, simple and must-try recipes from her upcoming BBC TV series NADIYA'S FAMILY FAVOURITES.

Nadiya shares the food she loves to cook and eat with her family and friends, offering fast, easy and delicious new recipes for every kind of day.

This cookbook shows you how to create the perfect dishes to complement the moments we all love, from days out with friends to big get-togethers and lazy weekends at home, as well as simple and satisfying solutions for busy weeknights and speedy showstoppers for impromptu guests.

Nadiya's new classics from this week's episode . . .

· MANGO AND LIME LASSI BIRCHER. For breakfast, gorgeous oats with mangos, lime and mint, adorned in sweet, flaked almonds.

· NOT PRAWN TOAST. Just as delicious as the prawn toast you'd order at the takeaway, but made with chicken breast instead.

· SEAFOOD CRUMBLE. A beautifully simple fish pie topped in an oaty, buttery, cayenne crumble.

· APPLE ROCKY ROAD. Imagine squidgy marshmallow, sweet white chocolate, tart dried apples and fruity sultanas for rocky roads with a twist.

With over 100 easy and rewarding recipes, Nadiya's family favourites will soon become yours too.

This is the cookbook you'll reach for time and time again for those memorable moments. You'll find quick meal solutions, food to lift the spirits, fuel for hungry bellies and feasts for friends.

Let Nadiya's recipes fill your home with memories, just as they do hers.

<h2> 'She baked her way into our hearts and hasn't stopped since' Prima </h2>

  • Michael Joseph
  • Published 14th June 2018
  • 240 Pages
  • 350g
  • £20.00