• Plenty of acutely observed running jokes . . . The female relationships are as charmingly drawn as ever . . . It's not difficult to see why Aisling has become such a phenomenon in Irish publishing

    Sunday Times
  • Our favourite resident of Ballygobbard is back in this third instalment of my go-get-happy series

  • Prim and proper Aisling is back in this third hilarious instalment

  • Praise for Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling and The Importance of Being Aisling

  • Aisling and the novel have a great big thumping heart

    Sunday Times
  • The year's funniest book to date

  • The Irish answer to Bridget Jones . . . it's stuffed with laughs

    Daily Mail
  • Will have you laughing out loud one minute and crying the next. This is a joyful, emotional, heartfelt, hilarious romp of a novel

  • Her voice leaps off the page . . . it's this depth of character and eye for detail that makes comparisons with Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones series spot-on

  • Should come with a health warning. Ten pages in my face hurts from grinning

    Sunday Independent