• Comprehensive and fascinating insight into the evolving human brain. This book could change your life

    Professor Stephen Westaby, author of 'Fragile Lives'
  • An uplifting exploration of the brain, and how it does not age as we often fear

    Camilla Cavendish, author of 'Extra Time'
  • Daniel Levitin's refreshing perspective on ageing will change your opinion on this unique phase of life and challenge the 'slowing down' stereotype. Using a scientific and thoroughly engaging approach, Levitin convinces us that with medical advances alongside positive lifestyle changes described in this book, we can all look forward to older age as a fulfilling and exciting chapter in our lives

    Dr Rupy Aujla, author of The Doctor’s Kitchen
  • If you're planning to age, read this book. Wise, sensitive, and insightful, Levitin shares the tools that allow you to optimize the process

    David Eagleman, author of 'The Brain'
  • A wise, insightful, and beautifully-written book on how we can navigate the waters of time. Helpful for readers at any age.

    Daniel Gilbert, author of 'Stumbling on Happiness'
  • Predictions are perilous, but here's one I can make with certainty: Tomorrow you and I will be older than we are today. That's why you, I, and everyone we know needs this remarkable book. With a scientist's rigour and a storyteller's flair, Daniel Levitin offers a fresh approach to growing older. He debunks the idea that ageing inevitably brings infirmity and unhappiness and instead offers a trove of practical, evidence-based guidance for living longer and better. The Changing Mind is an essential book for the rest of your life.

    Daniel H. Pink, author of 'When' and 'Drive'
  • A compelling primer on our amazingly dynamic brains and the steps we can all take to harness that potential

    Dr Rahul Jandial, author of 'Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon'
  • Neuroscientist Levitin delves into the multiple-trace theory of memory, the ageing microbiome, fats and the brain, the impacts of neural implants, and the joys of non-retirement. A clear-eyed, insightful overview of the neurophysiological healthspan