• Fascinating and timely. Truly the story of the fabric we see before us. Required reading for every developer, planner or councillor who holds London in trust today

    Griff Rhys Jones
  • Jenkins's handling of the preceding two millennia is clear and informative . . . there are also nuggets and insights . . . accessible, clear and readable

    Rowan Moore, The Observer
  • A handsome book ... full of the good judgements one might hope for from such a sensible and readable commentator, and they alone are worth perusing for pleasure and food for thought

    Michael Wood, New Statesman on A Short History of England
  • Any passably cultured inhabitant of the British Isles should ask for, say, three or four copies of this book for Christmas...I can imagine no better companion on a voyage across England

    Max Hastings, Daily Telegraph on England’s Thousand Best Houses
  • A short, invigorating gallop over two and a half thousand years

    Scotsman on A Short History of Europe