• Informative and enthusiastic

    i Paper
  • An important and accessible herbal for the 21st century . . . this book provides plenty of practical growing advice . . . Her extensive experience as a hands-on gardener gives this book added weight . . . For anyone delving into herbs for the first time or those who want to broaden their herbal repertoire in the garden and home, this book is much needed

    Gardens Illustrated
  • Explores the many medicinal uses for herbs and other plants

    Daily Telegraph
  • Gardener and writer Alys Fowler has a knack with words as well as plants, and in this compendium of herbs (each one smartly illustrated), she infuses each page with lore, understanding and green-fingered know-how. It makes you feel like you're tapping into ancient botanical secrets.

    The Herald
  • Your garden can be an invaluable medicine cabinet, says expert Alys Fowler

    Woman's Weekly
  • Dip into this charming miscellany of herbs from renowned horticulturalist Alys Fowler. It is ready to answer all your herb-related questions. Packed from cover-to-cover with useful growing pointers, medicinal benefits, cultural and historical background information. A must-have reference resource for any potting shed or kitchen bookshelf

    Grow Your Own
  • Alys Fowler explores remedies from the herb patch

    The Simple Things
  • This manual shows you how to live a healthier lifestyle, involving the use of tried and tested plants

    Garden News
  • Informative, enthusiastic and ideal dip-in material, it makes you feel like you're tapping into ancient and worthy botanical secrets

    Belfast Telegraph
  • Equips you with the knowledge to harvest everything you need

    Weekly News

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