• The nation's taster-in-chief title belongs unequivocally to Felicity Cloake

    Daily Mail
  • Brilliant . . . Finely honed culinary instincts, an open mind and a capacious cookbook collection . . . Miss Cloake has them all

    Evening Standard
  • An essential on your cookbook shelf

    Woman and Home
  • A gift for anyone who is learning to cook

    Diana Henry, Sunday Telegraph
  • Completely Perfect is aptly named!

    Nigella Lawson
  • A classic. The answer to a gazillion 'what shall I buy them for Christmas?' questions. Long may Felicity Cloake test 12 versions of one recipe so we can have one good one

    Rachel Roddy
  • There's a very good reason why the cover of this paperback looks so like your treasured old Penguins of Elizabeth David and Jane Grigson - Cloake's collection of brilliant master recipes deserves its place there

    Tim Hayward, Financial Times
  • Properly practical

    Rachel Cooke
  • A discursive, chatty, knowledgeable and didactic kaleidoscope of a book

    Daily Mail
  • Reading her thorough assessment of the other recipes is one of the biggest resources out there for anyone wanting to learn to become a better cook. An excellent gift for basically anyone who likes to cook

    Elly Pear