• A corker of a story. I loved the writing, the setting, the STUPENDOUS action scenes . . . and the loveliest of final lines.

    Emma Carroll, author of Letters to the Lighthouse
  • The Unadoptables will make you wish your own parents had loved you enough to leave you at a Dutch orphanage in the 19th century.

    Nathan Halter, US Bookseller
  • The world building in The Unadoptables was absolutely unforgettable. This book has everything you need: villians, action, comedy and adventure all rolled into one. Perfect for fans of Nevermoor and Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom.

    Robyn Broderick, The Reading Bug
  • In a cold, dark, Amsterdam winter, a group of unique orphans shine brightly with hope and love. Milou and her band of talented friends set out from the Little Tulip Orphanage on a quest for freedom and family, over frozen canals to evade a despicable villain. With a little bit of spookiness and a whole lot of quirkiness, this book will capture your heart!

    Tegan Tigani, Queen Anne Book Company