This Might Hurt

This Might Hurt

The gripping thriller from the author of Richard & Judy bestseller The Recovery of Rose Gold


The smart, sophisticated and completely gripping new thriller from the author of Richard & Judy pick THE RECOVERY OF ROSE GOLD

'Expertly paced, hugely unsettling and perfectly dark' ASHLEY AUDRAIN
'Slick, smart and terrifying' 5***** READER REVIEW
'Gripping and compulsive' LIZ NUGENT
'Totally gripping' 5***** READER REVIEW
'Deliciously dark and so very clever' CLAIRE DOUGLAS

Welcome to Wisewood. We'll keep your secrets, if you keep ours . . .

Kit Collins needs help. Hopeless and directionless, she signs up to Wisewood, a self-help retreat which promises a new way of life.

Natalie Collins has a terrible secret. A secret that would destroy her sister Kit. A secret that no one knows.

At least, that's what she thinks.

But somehow, Wisewood knows everything.

And if Natalie doesn't do exactly as they say, they'll tell Kit the truth . . .

'Dark, hypnotic, and mesmerizing, This Might Hurt is a masterwork in family dynamics and the ties that bind--along with the ones that tear us apart. Prepare to be unsettled in the best possible way' LAURIE ELIZABETH FLYNN, bestselling author of The Girls Are All So Nice Here

'A gut wrenching, propulsive story about vulnerability and power. It was impossible to put down' TARRYN FISHER

'This Might Hurt has all the ingredients of a great mystery. Fun, creepy and incredibly fast-paced. A ridiculously wry and absorbing thriller' AMY STUART

'Sharp and intriguing, unexpected and chilling, right up to the jaw-dropping finale. Dark and twisted in all the right places, I did not want to stop reading this book' MARGARITA MONTIMORE


  • This Might Hurt is a mesmerizing and original ride . . . Expertly paced, hugely unsettling, and perfectly dark, you'll be gripped in this clever exploration of fear and vulnerability right until the flawless ending

About the author

Stephanie Wrobel

Stephanie Wrobel is the author of The Recovery of Rose Gold, a Sunday Times and international bestseller that has sold in twenty-two countries. This Might Hurt is her second novel, an attempt to answer the questions: what sort of person joins a cult? And what sort of person leads one?
Wrobel lives in New York City.
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