• "A boldly ambitious debut."

    SFX Magazine
  • "An audacious con job, scintillating future technology, and meditations on the nature of fractured humanity."

    Yoon Ha Lee
  • "Künsken has a wonderfully ingenious imagination."

    Adam Roberts, Locus
  • "Technology changes us-even our bodies-in fundamental ways, and Kunsken handles this wonderfully."

    Cixin Liu
  • "I have no problems raving about this book. A truly wild backdrop of space-opera with wormholes, big space-fleet conflict and empires.... What could go wrong?"

    Brad K. Horner
  • "This brainy sci-fi heist novel uses mathematics like magic to pull you through a caper worthy of Jean-Pierre Melville."

    The B&N SciFi and Fantasy Blog
  • "The Quantum Magician is the type of book you go back to the beginning and read again once you know how everything pans out and have those 'why didn't I see that the first time?' moments."

    Strange Alliances
  • "A delightfully engaging heist story."

    Caroline Mersey, Science Fiction Book Club
  • "The Quantum Magician is a space adventure built on the scaffolding of a classic con job movie (think The Italian Job or Ocean's Eleven). It hits all the right beats at the right time, and part of the fun in reading it is wondering: what will go wrong? Who will betray who? What will be the reversals? When done well, as in the case of The Quantum Magician, it's a delight to read."

    The Ottawa Review of Books
  • "The Quantum Magician feels like what would happen if Locke Lamora landed in Bank's Culture, and if Locke had a lot to say about depraved humans. And I do love me a con artist story! Also? The writing is brilliant, the pacing is damn near perfect, the dialog is fun and snarky, the characters are great, I couldn't put this book down!"

    The Little Red Reviewer

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