How to Eat Brilliantly Every Day

How to Eat Brilliantly Every Day


All you need to make stunning dishes everyday is the very best raw ingredients. So open up, celebrate flavour, cook more (and more simply), have fun and eat brilliantly!

If you love eating with the seasons, reducing food waste and whipping up creative, but simple to cook, dishes packed with flavour, this cookbook is for you!

Who knew that a celeriac could be made into the lightest fluffiest cous cous? Or that leafy carrot tops make a delicious herby dressing? And not forgetting sweet treats, watermelons make the most delicious thirst-quenching mojito ice-lollies, and dates and cinnamon are the perfect guilt-free combo in Spiced Gingerbread truffles.

Abel & Cole’s recipes always find the fun in food, creating twists on classics dishes and making the most of seasonal bounty, from Asparagus and Egg Fried Quinoa, to Hake Burgers with Roast Garlic Mayo, Strawberry & Prosecco Jam, Broccoli Walnut Rarebit and Parsnip & Butterscotch Pudding – and plenty more in between!

About the author

Abel & Cole Limited

Abel & Cole’s story starts in 1988 with Keith Abel flogging potatoes door-to-door. ‘Of course potatoes are organic,’ he thought, ‘they’re vegetables’. However, he quickly discovered how unnecessarily complicated our food system had become and, consequently, realised the huge benefits of going organic and never looked back. In fact, Abel & Cole still get veg from the farm where Keith's first organic spuds came from.
To this day, their priorities remain the same. Now, selling 100% organic produce, Abel & Cole believe that organic farming (a holistic system that encourages biodiversity) is the very best way to go. It protects our countryside and the critters that inhabit it, insists on the very best animal welfare, supports your local community and, frankly, tastes heaps better. Abel & Cole think so anyway.
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