People Change

People Change

An unforgettable second-chance love story


When Shirin bumps into Kian at a house party in Brixton, she is taken aback by the feelings that resurface.

They last saw one another ten years ago as sixteen-year-olds at school in Hull. And the weight of everything left unsaid since then still hangs between them.

But now they're back in each other's lives, it's harder to run from the past.

There's nothing worse than losing the person you trust with your deepest secrets.

Can it be different second time around?

People Change is a moving and thought-provoking exploration of two people overcoming the past, re-finding each other and discovering their place in the world.

Praise for People Change:

'People Change is simply brilliant - unflinching, and completely captivating' Beth Reekles

'This book expresses so many different types of love, and the affirmation we find in the deep truths of ourselves. It's so beautiful' Tice Cin

'Two brilliant characters navigating their twenties... Deftly touches on race and mental health' Taylor Dior Rumble

'This powerful book evokes perfectly the agony of young love while also exploring darker themes' People's Friend

'A wonderful, moving read - Sara Jafari has such a perceptive eye and the most brilliant way of rendering the unspoken things between two people' Emma Hughes

'A gorgeous novel that explores the complexities of the life. Deft, funny, and thoughtful on friendship, family, work, race, and dating' Kirsty Capes

'People Change is a brilliant book that will leave you with a longing for seizing the day and shrugging off the cobwebs of stagnancy. . .' Bad Form

'Funny and well observed' Country and Townhouse

'A thoughtful, moving tale' Woman's Own

About the author

Sara Jafari

Sara Jafari is a British-Iranian writer whose work has been longlisted for Spread the Word's Life Writing Prize and published in gal-dem and The Good Journal. She is a contributer to I Will Not Be Erased and the upcoming romance anthology Who's Loving You. Sara also runs TOKEN Magazine, which showcases writing and artwork by underrepresented writers and artists.

Sara works as an editor and is based in London. THE MISMATCH is her debut novel.
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