31 Dream Street

Lisa Jewell

From the Number One bestselling author of Then She Was Gone, comes a romance about neighbours brought together by fate . . .

For years curious and warm-hearted Leah has watched the tumbledown house across the street and its collection of slightly odd-looking inhabitants. Then one day - out of the blue - she gets a chance to peek behind the front door, when its owner comes to her with a problem.

Toby's house has become home to all the waifs and strays he's helped out over the years. He'd like to sell up, move on and get a life, but he wouldn't think of turfing his tenants out. And they wouldn't think of letting him.

So when Leah agrees to help out, things suddenly start to happen. But are all changes for the best? And can Toby and Leah sprinkle enough magic dust around to make their own dreams come true?

'Another gem from the modern-classic queen' Company

'A big warm-hearted book' Marie Claire

  • Penguin
  • Published 3rd April 2008
  • 480 Pages
  • £7.99