Carthage Must Be Destroyed

The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization

Richard Miles

Richard Miles's Carthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilization charts one of the bloodiest dramas of the Ancient World: the devastating struggle to the death between Carthage and Rome.

In an epic series of battles, the mighty empires of Carthage and Rome vied for supremacy of the Mediterranean - before the Carthaginians finally buckled and their great capital city was razed to the ground, burning for six days and nights, its inhabitants slaughtered or enslaved.

Carthage Must Be Destroyed tells the story of this lost empire - from its origins in Lebanon to its apotheosis as the greatest sea-power of its age - and brings to life legendary figures such as the military genius Hannibal, who led his troops across the Alps and almost toppled Roman power, but would ultimately lead his people to disaster.

'Splendid ... epic and fascinating'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Tom Holland

'An enthralling narrative' <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Economist

'The Carthaginians finally get their due ... well-paced and compelling ... In bringing the real Carthage to the fore, Carthage Must Be Destroyed makes a substantial contribution to the field'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Financial Times

'Lively and compelling'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Literary Review

'Thoughtful and meticulous ... fascinating'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Guardian

'A superb achievement'<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;Sunday Telegraph

Richard Miles is Professor of Classics at the University of Sydney and a Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University. He has written widely on Punic, Roman and Vandal North Africa and has directed archaeological excavations in Carthage and Rome. He is also the author of Ancient Worlds and the presenter and writer of the series Ancient Worlds for BBC2.

  • Penguin
  • Published 24th February 2011
  • 544 Pages
  • 129mm x 198mm x 24mm
  • 396g
  • £16.99