• Superb ... vivid ... magnificent ... Anyone who was there should read it: and so should anyone who was not

    Simon Heffer, Literary Review
  • Hugely entertaining, always compelling, often hilarious

    Simon Sebag Montefiore, Sunday Telegraph
  • Thrillingly panoramic ... he vividly re-creates the texture of everyday life in a thousand telling details

    Francis Wheen, Observer
  • Masterly ... nothing escapes his gaze

    Independent on Sunday
  • Splendidly readable ... his almost pitch-perfect ability to recreate the mood and atmospherics of the time is remarkable

  • There is so much to enjoy ... Neatly interweaving his interpretation of the Heath years with insightful reflections on everything from racism in television to the rise of self-sufficiency, football hooliganism and sex comedies, Sandbrook has produced a memorable portrait of Britain in an era of angst and upheaval

    Sunday Times
  • Sandbrook is an inveterate demolisher of myths

    Independent on Sunday
  • This epically enthralling account of the Seventies will be read with embarrassed recognition by those who lived through it and disbelieving astonishment by those who missed it