• A rich and intriguing story which the authors disentangle with great skill

    Piers Paul Read, Sunday Telegraph
  • Skilfully balances historical narrative with social analysis, and tempering the appalling with the absurd

    Jan Morris, Independent
  • Outstanding. Enormously enjoyable to read - exciting, lively, funny, and admirably tolerant and objective in its opinions. It is hard to see how it could have been better done

    Philip Ziegler, Daily Telegraph
  • Held me gripped by every page and I was impatient at any interruption. The details of this book are spellbinding, often frightening and sometimes funny

    Alec Guinness, Daily Mail
  • This book, like the city it discusses, oscillates satisfyingly between blunt history and roistering gossip

    Frank Delaney, Sunday Express
  • To understand France today you should read this book about France yesterday . . . a wonderfully enjoyable picture. It is compulsive reading

    Mark Bonham-Carter, Evening Standard
  • There is hardly any aspect of French life during that period which the authors do not explore, always with compelling liveliness and omniverous zeal. . . I shall return gratefully to it again and again

    Alistair Horne, The European
  • A perceptive portrait of Paris in its heyday

    J. G. Ballard, The Times
  • A beautifully written book about a vast tapestry of military, political and social upheaval. Remarkably well-researched, wise, balanced, very funny at times . . . I was a witness to events in Paris in the first desperate, glorious, mad weeks, and this is just how it was

    Dirk Bogarde
  • A dashing, multi-dimensional story. This book covers all aspects of life - diplomacy, strategy, rationing, politics and politicking (from Churchill, Pétain's and de Gaulle's point of view), the international theatricals and the tourist invasion, blitzkrieg and Ritzkrieg - to create a lovely tapestry, threaded with facts and figures

    Olivier Todd, Sunday Times

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