• The first great book of the decade

  • A stunner, an unnerving portrait of a man stripped of civilization's defences

    New Yorker
  • A writer almost uniquely in tune with modern life . . . Ferris's flashes of brilliance are many

    Evening Standard
  • Original, affecting. An almost unbearable love story, between remissions of intense connection and the human inevitability of parting, between the haven of marriage and all that lies beyond

  • At once riveting, horrifying and deeply sad. Fiction with the force of an avalanche, snowballing unstoppably

    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Hugely readable, engaging, original. What an imagination - and what a memorable conceit

    Literary Review
  • As hard to pin down as its hero, yet as readable as The Corrections

  • Immensely readable, a grand American novel

    New Statesman
  • Seizes readers by the lapels with a story that feels serious and mysterious ... He has teased ordinary circumstances into something extraordinary, which is exactly what we want our fiction writers to do

  • Ferris writes hauntingly on the fragility of our minds and on the compulsions that drive us, despite our best intentions