• If bravery itself could write (by definition it can't), it would write, I believe, like she does

    John Berger
  • [Griffiths has] the intelligence of a naturalist and the luminous originality of a visitor from another planet

    The Times
  • Griffiths's writing is dexterous and lush

    New York Times Book Review
  • A rich and extraordinary vision. Jay Griffiths is a fearless adventurer with words and images. I salute her courage

    Philip Pullman
  • Jay Griffiths is one of our most poetic and passionate critics of the ways of civilisation. Provocative, illuminating and shamelessly romantic

    Theodore Zeldin
  • Jay Griffiths writes with such richness and mischief about the one thing that could truly save the world: its children

    KT Tunstall
  • An impassioned, visionary plea to restore to our children the spirit of adventure, freedom and closeness to nature that is their birthright. We must hear it and act on it before it is too late

    Iain McGilchrist

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