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Martina O’Sullivan

Publisher, Penguin Life & Penguin Business

I head up the Penguin Business and Penguin Life teams publishing books across a broad range of topics including health, smart thinking, economics and current affairs.

For Penguin Business, I commission books in narrative non-fiction, exposé, business memoir, entrepreneurship and inspirational thinking. My authors include Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Rebecca Henderson, Robert Livingston, Eric Ries, Anne Boden, Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis. I am particularly interested in publishing books by authors from underrepresented communities and in new ideas about how business can contribute to a better society for everyone.

For Penguin Life, I commission books in physical health, relationships and smart thinking. My authors include Rangan Chatterjee, Ruby Wax, Philippa Perry and Drs John and Julie Gottman. I'm especially interested in books that explore and debunk taboo topics.

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