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I publish a broad range of nonfiction: biography, history, memoir, music, nature writing, politics, pop culture, science, and more. I publish onto the Viking, Penguin Life and Penguin Business lists, and I’m currently working with biographer John Preston, historians John M. Barry, Luke Kemp and David Rooney, ICU doctor Jim Down, intelligence expert David Omand, journalists Ed Caesar, Isabel Hardman and Will Hermes, memoirist Susan McCallum-Smith, nature writers Tim Birkhead and Sarah Langford, neuroscientists Russell Foster and Daniel Levitin, the primatologist Jane Goodall, and Matt Gibberd, co-founder of The Modern House.

I love publishing smart, authoritative nonfiction to a broad commercial audience, and specialise in working with academics and experts to bring their ideas to a popular readership.