The Application Process

The Next Editors Programme application process is designed so that you can showcase your skills and experiences and demonstrate that you have the potential to be a Commissioning Editor.

We’ll be looking for these qualities at every stage of the process. This is not about assessing your knowledge of the publishing industry and you do not need to have prior experience.

Step One: Online application form

Please note: The deadline for applications has now closed.

For the first stage, submit your application on Applied, which is a platform that’s been designed for inclusive hiring by focusing on skills and potential.

Upload your CV and answer the three questions based on the qualities. You might find it helpful to read this page before starting your application.

As part of the application form, we'll ask you to share if you have a preference to work in a particular team, so take a look here before getting started. You may be open to all of them, or have your heart set on one area in particular, either way, you can let us know.

Along the way, we'll match you with a department, taking these preferences in to consideration.

You’ve got until 5pm on Wednesday 24th November to apply.

You’ll find out if you’ve made it to the next stage by 21st December (at the very latest).

Step Two: Video call

If you’re through to this next step, we’ll invite you to a video call with a member of our Recruitment team.

This will be a discussion to find out a little more about your experience and interests, as well as for us to explain the process moving forward and answer any questions you have. These calls will be scheduled before the end of the year and they’ll take place in early January.

After this, we’ll let you know within a week know if you are moving to the next stage and which department you’ve been matched with. We’ll also set a creative brief to prepare for ahead of the next step. 

Step Three: Interview and tasks

The interview with your prospective manager will take place a week after you’ve had your creative brief. The interview will be around 1hour 30 mins, and take place in our London offices, we can offer support with the cost of travel if needed.

You’ll share your ideas in response to the brief, and answer interview questions based on the qualities and the experience you’ve gained that demonstrates your potential.

We’ll let you know if you’ve made it to the next stage, within one week of your interview. 

Step Four: Final stage

If you’re through to this last stage, the final assessment step will be to meet with the Managing Director of your prospective team. You’ll be able to talk to them about the programme, the working culture in their team and careers in publishing.

After your meeting, you’ll receive your contract and formal offer letter.

We expect the traineeship to start in mid-March, depending on the notice periods of you and your fellow trainees.  

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