Advice for the application process

Please note: The deadline for applications has now closed.

You’ll need to submit your application using our recruitment platform. Applied. You will be asked to upload your CV and answer three questions that demonstrate your experience in three of the qualities we’re looking for.

Some top tips:

  • There is a 250 word limit to each answer, so focus on what the question is asking for specifically, and how you can best demonstrate it.
  • Take the time to think about the qualities, and what examples you have from your past experience that best demonstrate where you’ve shown them.
  • Approach the questions honestly and authentically, you don’t need publishing knowledge to be able to answer these questions, we’re interested in getting to know you and how you approach situations.

Question one: Entrepreneur

"Tell us about a great idea that you had. What did you do to turn it in to a reality? We’ll be looking to see your entrepreneurial potential, so tell us about what sparked the idea, how you overcame challenges to make it happen, and what you learnt.”


We’re looking for you to demonstrate that you have experience of:

  • Using your initiative to take an idea or project from concept to reality
  • Overcoming obstacles and setbacks by flexing and adapting to the situation
  • Embracing opportunities and seeking out feedback to keep learning and apply the next time

Question two: Acquirer

"We’re looking to see your potential to acquire – that you’re curious about stories and ideas, why they capture attention, and who they appeal to. If you could publish a book on any topic right now, what topic would it be? Share why you’re interested in it, who the audience is, and why you think this book would make an impact. Your answer can suggest a topic idea for any book genre or age group."


We’re looking for you to demonstrate that you have experience of:

  • Engaging widely with different forms of media and storytelling
  • Using insights such as trends or data to guide your decision making
  • Spotting an exciting opportunity, using your commercial rigour to consider how it could make an impact

Question three: Influencer

"Share with us a time that you were able to successfully win someone over someone at work. Tell us why they were initially resistant to you / your idea and how you used your communication skills to build the relationship to get to a good outcome?"


We’re looking for you to demonstrate that you have experience of:

  • Building strong connections with those around you, bringing them on board with your ideas.
  • Understanding other perspectives, using your emotional intelligence to consider what will be important to them
  • Working successfully in a team by building trust and instilling confidence

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