Penguin Living is here to help people #livelifebetter at work, home or play.

We believe that by connecting employees and customers to our inspirational authors, we can empower Wellbeing and Personal Development in a truly innovative and unique way.

As part of Penguin Random House, we are unrivalled in our access to global experts, management gurus and downright geniuses.

Penguin Living Author Workshops

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“Penguin Living brings a whole new dimension to The Feelgood Plan. Talking to readers about the wellbeing issues that matter to them - from what to have for lunch to avoiding the office snack trap or how to get more sleep - brings the book alive. It's a privilege to be part of the project.”

- Kate Faithfull-Williams, author of The Feel Good Plan

Workshop programmes delivered by our inspirational authors, tailored to your business’ specific requirements and objectives.

Penguin Living events are totally bespoke and we will work hand-in-hand with your team to deliver one that is right for you. 

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This can involve anything from a 3000 seater conference venue, to one-to-one coaching for a leadership team or even a 90 minute interactive workshop for a team away day.

We always include books or other resources to take away to ensure the learning continues long after the event itself.

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Penguin Living Books

Penguin Living has access to the largest library of English language book publishing in the world.

We will work with you to find the books that are right for your organisation, either as a staff reward, a way of fast tracking change or to teach practical skills.

For example, do you want to improve resilience within your company? We would be happy to recommend Angela Duckworth’s Grit, the leading work in this area.

Or perhaps you would like to inspire your leadership team with copies of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why? Or encourage new perspectives with Francesca Martinez’s superb What the **** is Normal?

The list is endless and Penguin Living is here to help you address the specific needs of your organisation.

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The Wellbeing Narrative with Yoke and Penguin Living

Join our story to disrupt the world of work with wellbeing.
Penguin Living is proud to partner with Yoke.

Our Mission:

To empower your people’s performance with wellbeing.

How we do it:

Yoke are passionate about helping organisations release the full potential of their people. Penguin Living are passionate about engaging employees with their incredible authors.

We work together to help you understand how to outperform and handle change better in an increasingly challenging world.

We do this by creating powerful wellbeing and performance strategies that inspire your people to take action. We educate and empower your teams with world class, engaging expertise and toolkits.

Our unique formula supports your talent as they cultivate genuine practices of resilience, agility and high performance, that enables your people to lead themselves sustainably.

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