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Join British astronaut Tim Peake as he relives his six-month mission to the International Space Station, and the surprising journey that took him there. 

Tim will talk about what life in space is really like: the sights, the smells, the fear, the exhilaration and the deep and abiding wonder of the view from space. He’ll tell the story of his path to becoming the first Briton in space for nearly 20 years, telling tales of his time training in the British army, and as an Apache helicopter pilot and flight instructor deployed to Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan.  Tim will also discuss how it felt to be selected for the European Space Agency from over 8000 candidates and the six years of training that followed; learning Russian in Star City, training in the frozen forests  of Northern Russia, and coping with darkness and claustrophobia in the caves of Sardinia and under the oceans of the United States.

In this intimate and inspirational conversation, you’ll hear exclusive stories from Tim’s time in space, and he will share his enormous passion for space and for science – and don’t miss your chance to ask Tim your own questions in the audience Q&A.

Tim will be in conversation with a guest chairperson to be announced.

Every purchase includes a signed copy of Tim Peake’s thrilling autobiography, Limitless (RRP £20).

  • Limitless: The Autobiography

  • The thrilling autobiography of the astronaut who inspired a generation

    The #1 bestselling author of Hello, is this planet Earth? and Ask an Astronaut

    ‘I looked down below my feet and suddenly noticed Australia flashing by. The vertigo hit me then. My gloved hands gripped the handrail as tightly as I could. I had been on my spacewalk for over an hour. I had trained for this moment for years. But nothing can prepare you for that feeling, for the full realisation that you are no longer living on Earth. Staring into the inky blackness, I felt completely isolated from everything and everyone I had ever known. And yet at the same time I could not help feeling a strange sense of belonging.'

    In fascinating and personal detail, and based on exclusive diaries and audio recordings from his mission, Tim Peake takes readers closer than ever before to experience what life in space is really like: the sacrifice that astronauts make in being apart from their families, the sights, the smells, the fear, the exhilaration and the deep and abiding wonder of the view from space. Limitless is a book about the power of following our dreams – however unlikely they may seem – and of striving to reach our potential, even when we might not believe in it ourselves.

    Limitless also charts Peake’s surprising road to becoming an astronaut, from a shy and unassuming boy from Chichester who had a passion for flight, to a young British Army officer, Apache helicopter pilot, flight instructor and test pilot who served around the world. Peake’s extensive eighteen-year career in the army included the command of a platoon of soldiers in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, deployment in Bosnia, and flying multiple high-risk sorties as a test pilot, including operations in Afghanistan. After he was selected by the European Space agency from over 8000 candidates, Peake undertook six years of training to be an astronaut, tested physically, psychologically, emotionally and intellectually – from learning Russian language in St. Petersburg to coping with the darkness and claustrophobia of living for days in caves in Sardinia and under the ocean off the United States.

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