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The Corners of the Globe

Robert Goddard

Spring, 1919. James ‘Max’ Maxted, former Great War flying ace, returns to the trail of murder, treachery and half-buried secrets he set out on in The Ways of the World. He left Paris after avenging the murder of his father, Sir Henry Maxted, a senior member of the British delegation to the post-war peace conference. But he was convinced there was more – much more – to be discovered about what Sir Henry had been trying to accomplish. And he suspected elusive German spymaster Fritz Lemmer knew the truth of it.

Now, enlisted under false colours in Lemmer’s service but with his loyalty pledged to the British Secret Service, Max sets out on his first – and possibly last – mission for Lemmer. It takes him to the far north of Scotland – to the Orkney Isles, where the German High Seas Fleet has been impounded in Scapa Flow, its fate to be decided at the conference-table in Paris. Max has been sent to recover a document held aboard one of the German ships. What that document contains forces him to break cover sooner than he would have wished and to embark on a desperate race south, towards London, with information that could destroy Lemmer – if Max, as seems unlikely, lives to deliver it...

The Night Calls

David Pirie

While a young medical student at Edinburgh Arthur Conan Doyle famously studied under the remarkable Dr Joseph Bell, who was a pioneer in criminal investigation. The Night Calls chronicles their most frightening and disturbing case - the encounter with the man who was later presented in expurgated form as Moriarty. Beginning with a series of bizarre and outlandish assaults on women in the brothels of Edinburgh, the story moves to the medical facility of the city's university, which is itself being disrupted by the violent struggle for women's educational rights. Here Doyle meets a fellow student, young Elizabeth Scott, who has many enemies, among them a crazed misogynist student called Crawford and the smiling hypocritical patron of the university, Henry Carlisle. Yet slowly Bell begins to realise that the increasingly freakish crimes they are investigating reflect an entirely new and terrifying kind of criminal who is not susceptible to the old methods. The Night Calls takes them from the evil heart of old Edinburgh into what Bell calls their 'fight against the future' and to London itself, where Doyle again faces his nemesis with terrifying results -

The Dark Water

David Pirie

Imprisoned in a dank cottage deep in the English countryside Arthur Doyle lies half-unconscious and at the mercy of his nemesis - Cream. Gathering all his dwindling strength he smashes a window and crawls to safety. With a sharp piece of broken glass he awaits his torturer's return, but the man has eluded him once more, leaving behind the rotting body of a local miser and thwarted in his attempt to obtain money for his 'deadly' cause. Securing the help of the remarkable pioneering criminal investigator Dr Joseph Bell the two men return to the scene of the crime but find few clues. London reveals little more except the possibility that their archenemy has gone to the Suffolk coast under the name of Dr Mere. Full of legend the local community fear the 'Dunwich witch' has returned with her evil curse. A man has died in suspicious circumstances and it seems many are unwilling to talk about it. More hideous crimes are yet to come as Dr Bell and Doyle move closer and closer to confronting Cream: Bell to capture a notorious villain, Doyle to avenge himself for a crime which robbed him of his future happiness. Dr Bell and Arthur Doyle are reunited once again in their quest to hunt down a criminal mastermind in a sinister tale of intrigue and violence, which reaches a terrifying and dramatic climax -

Trick or Treat

Jackson Sharp

Religion, madness and murder align amongst the teeming spires of Oxford, England, in this terrifying Halloween thriller from Jackson Sharp. Perfect for fans of Karen Rose, Richard Montanari, Chris Carter, and Alastair Gunn
As Halloween approaches, the mutilated body of a young woman is found in a remote field, posed to resemble a piece of ancient religious art.

Then, when another body is displayed to similarly chilling effect, it's clear that there is a link between the two murders. As panic spreads across Oxford, DI Lauren Rose must stop a killer with a dark and dangerous obsession.

But as the investigation deepens, Rose realises that the city is being stalked by an evil that has revealed itself before far from Oxford. And that there is a pattern. A reason for the name The Halloween Killer . . .

McLevy The Collected Editions: Series 3 & 4

David Ashton (and others)

Brian Cox stars as the Victorian detective in a further nine episodes of the BBC Radio 4 series

Inspired by the real-life memoirs of one of Scotland’s first policemen, James McLevy prowls the dark streets of 1860s Edinburgh bringing criminals to justice, with the assistance of Constable Mulholland.

Behind the Curtain: A theatrical landlady receives a chilling death threat.
A Voice from the Grave: Summertime, and the heat is on as McLevy tracks a brutal killer.
The Dark Shadow: A jewel theft brings an infamous criminal within McLevy’s grasp.
Servant of the Crown: The detective joins Her Majesty’s protection squad to hunt an assassin.
A Piece of Cake: A top chef is the toast of the city – but burglary and murder are on the menu.
The Sea Change: There’s something fishy about the Fair’s star attraction, the lovely Little Mermaid.
Sins of the Fathers: A runaway bridegroom and a blackmailer spell double trouble for McLevy.
The Devil’s Disguise: The Devil comes a-calling for the detective on Halloween.
Christmas Special: McLevy stalks a supernatural thief who is haunting the streets of Edinburgh.

Written by David Ashton, these atmospheric radio dramas co-star Siobhán Redmond as Jean Brash and Michael Perceval-Maxwell as Constable Mulholland.

Agatha Christie: The Lost Plays

Agatha Christie (and others)

A triple bill of archive BBC radio dramas, believed lost for over half a century and only recently rediscovered. Butter in a Lordly Dish, written specially for radio in 1948, features Richard Williams as Sir Luke Enderby KC, whose infidelities lead him into trouble when he goes to meet his latest flame. Williams also stars as Hercule Poirot in Murder in the Mews, a 1955 adaptation of a short story. A young woman is found dead in her flat, the day after Guy Fawkes night. Did she die by her own hand, or someone else's? In Personal Call, also written specially for radio by Agatha Christie, a disturbing telephone call from a woman named Fay has consequences for both Richard Brent and his wife Pam. This 1960 production stars Ivan Brandt and Barbara Lott.

Dick Barton and the Firefly Adventure

Edward J. Mason (and others)

A full-cast radio drama from the 1940s starring Douglas Kelly as Dick Barton. Originally produced for Australian radio, Dick Barton and the Firefly Adventure tells of the arrival in Britain of the American master-criminal Ferraro. Operating a violent protection racket, Ferraro extorts money from property owners across the capital. Those who ignore Ferraro's threats see their homes and businesses destroyed. Ferraro's many arson attacks soon earn him a nickname: the Firefly. Can Dick Barton intervene?

Special additional bonus features for this release include:

'The Making of Dick Barton - Special Agent'
An all new specially-produced 50 minute documentary covering the history of 'Dick Barton - Special Agent' - featuring a wealth of clips from the series and archive interviews with the original cast and crew. Other special archive material includes an extract from a recently discovered 1948 BBC radio episode; an out-take from an original 1949 studio recording session; a 1947 Australian radio promotional recording and a number of quotes taken from previously unpublished production paperwork.

'Dick Barton - Special Agent': Episode 100
On 21st February 1947, the BBC broadcast the 100th episode of 'Dick Barton - Special Agent'. It stars the original Barton cast of Noel Johnson, Alex McCrindle and John Mann. It is now the earliest surviving Barton recording in the BBC archives and is included here in full.

Raffles: Series 1 & 2

E.W. Hornung (and others)

Twelve BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisations featuring Raffles, the 'gentleman thief'. Jeremy Clyde stars as the cricket playing A.J. Raffles, with Michael Cochrane as his jeweller friend Bunny. Together they embark upon a series of well planned crimes against the highest of society.

The twelve stories are The Ides of March; Gentlemen & Players; A Costume Piece; Nine Points of the Law; Wilful Murder; The Chest of Silver; The Rest Cure; The Criminologists' Club; The Field of Philippi; A Bad Night; A Trap To Catch A Cracksman; The Gift Of The Emperor.