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Gwynne's Kings and Queens

N.M. Gwynne

‘To know our history is to help us to know ourselves, as well as much else besides.’

Bravo! – Mr Gwynne is back! And this time he is taking on the entirety of English history.

Mr Gwynne is the much loved and passionate educator who is on a crusade. He believes in old-fashioned values, that the modern school system is hopeless – and that keen and close study is the only way to become an enlightened and better person.

Following in the beautifully designed footsteps of Gwynne’s Grammar and Gwynne’s Latin, Gwynne’s Kings and Queens of England will teach you the fundamentals of England’s remarkable history through its monarchs. Mr Gwynne, it turns out, has VERY STRONG OPINIONS on this subject – and it is his belief that a certain amount of what you might read in other history books is wrong. It is his aim to show you why.

Concise, thorough and fascinating, this is the perfect book for young and old, to be read at a time when, for many, harking back to our rich past seems much more preferable than living in the dreary present.

And don’t forget – Mr Gwynne is never wrong!


Edith Hall

What’s the secret to long-term happiness? Should we be minimalists, or should we be more hygge? Is the key to life fitting in 10 minutes of mindfulness before work?

Long before we were puzzling these existential questions, one of the greatest thinkers in history was dedicating his life to the human quest for happiness.

Aristotle is the father of modern thinking and the forefather of self-help who pondered many of the challenges that still cause us trouble today:

How do I decide what career path to take?
How do I overcome grief?
How do I choose a partner?
And how do I live a good life?

In this handbook to Aristotle’s timeless teachings, Professor Edith Hall shows how a return to ancient thinking might be just what the modern world needs. In ten key lessons that guide us from birth to the end of life, Happiness turns to the greatest mind in history to arm you with the knowledge you need to live a good life.

This is advice that won’t go out of fashion.


Leonard Mlodinow

With rapid technological innovation leading the charge, today's world is transforming itself at an unprecedented pace. Fortunately, as Leonard Mlodinow shows, the human brain is uniquely engineered to adapt.

Drawing from cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology, Mlodinow takes us on an illuminating journey through the mechanics of our own minds as we navigate the rapidly shifting landscapes around us. Out of the exploratory instincts that allowed our ancestors to prosper hundreds of thousands of years ago, humans developed a cognitive style that Mlodinow terms elastic thinking, a collection of abilities that include neophilia (an affinity for novelty), schizotypy (a tendency toward unusual perception), imagination and idea generation, pattern recognition, mental fluency and divergent thinking.

These are the qualities that enabled innovators from Mary Shelley to Miles Davis, and from Nike to Pokemon Go to create paradigm shifts. And they're the qualities that will enable each of us to succeed, personally and professionally. With his keen acumen and rapid-fire wit, Mlodinow gives us the essential tools to harness the power of elastic thinking in an endlessly dynamic world.

Brain Food

Dr Lisa Mosconi

The eminent neuroscientist and nutritionist explains how what we eat affects how we think

'We are what we eat' is an age-old adage. But while we often talk about diets affecting our fitness, we don't talk about how what we eat and drink affects the health of the hungriest organ in the body - our brain.

Brain Food makes clear the connection between nutrition and our brain's health, focusing attention on how crucial dietary recommendations are - three eggs, for example, provide the daily amount of brain super-nutrients that are often deficient in Alzheimer's patients. Based partly on her own discoveries, and using proven dietary concepts and emerging science, such as the connection between the brain and the gut, Dr Lisa Mosconi expertly reveals the importance of starting work now to prevent dementia, stress and memory loss, no matter how old we are.

Innovative and timely, and with accompanying recipes and guides to show each of us how we can most effectively change our diets, Brain Food demonstrates how being smart about our diet can make us smarter overall.

Skin in the Game

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The bestselling author of The Black Swan and 'the hottest thinker in the world' (Sunday Times) is back with a book challenging many of our long-held beliefs

Why should we never listen to people who explain rather than do? Why do companies go bust? How is it that we have more slaves today than in Roman times? Why does imposing democracy on other countries never work?

The answer: too many people running the world don't have skin in the game. In this provocative book, Nassim Nicholas Taleb shows that skin in the game, which is usually seen as the foundation of risk management, in fact applies to all aspects of our lives. It's about having something to lose and taking a risk. Citizens, lab experimenters, artisans, political activists and hedge fund traders all have skin in the game. Policy wonks, corporate executives, theoreticians, bankers and most journalists don't.

In his inimitable, pugnacious style, Taleb draws on everything from Antaeus the Giant to Hammurabi to Donald Trump, from ethics to used car salesmen, to create a jaw-dropping framework for understanding this idea. Along the way, he offers key rules to live by: do not do to others what you don't want them to do to you; never trust anyone who gives advice for a living.

Just as The Black Swan did during the 2007 financial crisis, Skin in the Game comes at precisely the right moment to challenge our long-held beliefs about risk, reward, politics, religion and finance - and make us rethink everything we thought we knew.

The Culture Code

Daniel Coyle

‘A marvel of insight and practicality’ Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit

‘Truly brilliant . . . Read it immediately’ Adam Grant, author of Originals

What can we learn from the Chilean miners trapped underground in 2010, the San Antonio Spurs basketball team and Pixar animation studios?

Most of us have experienced the rewards of working in a successful team and know too the difficulties of being in a group that doesn’t function effectively. In The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle, New York Times bestselling author of The Talent Code, unlocks the secrets of some of the world’s most successful organisations. What was it about Google, back in 2002 a young upstart in the tech world, that allowed it to unlock the multibillion-dollar targeted advertising market, in the face of overwhelming competition? And what might kindergartners be able to teach us about how to operate in an effective team?

Drawing on diverse examples ranging from pioneering internet retailers to an infamous gang of jewel thieves, Coyle identifies the key skills that generate team cohesion, along the way asking where great cultures come from, and what can help strengthen a culture that needs fixing. Combining cutting-edge science, on-the-ground insight and practical ideas for action, The Culture Code is a groundbreaking exploration of how the best teams operate that will change the way we think and work together.

The Penguin Book of Puzzles

Gareth Moore (and others)

A collection of challenges from throughout history, featuring some of the greatest ever puzzle masters.

A Sumerian Riddle (circa 18th Century)
There is a house. The blind enter it and then come out seeing. What is that house?

A Charade
I have wings, yet never fly -
I have sails, yet never go -
I cant keep still, if I try,
Yet forever stand just so.

From the riddles of the ancients to puzzles that perplex the greatest minds of today, The Penguin Book of Puzzles is a glorious compendium of conundrums from throughout history.

These challenges will require all the reader's wits to solve, but range from the easy to the brain-bending and are suitable for novice and veteran puzzlers alike. There is something here to suit every taste, including crosswords, mathematical challenges, word games and logic conundrums, but also some intriguing types of puzzles that have been unearthed from centuries gone by.

Timeless and entertaining, there are hours of fun waiting in this miscellany of puzzlement.

The Frustrated Commuter’s Companion

Jonathan Swan

Commuting is hell -- this is your survival guide

Delays, price rises, leaves on the line, rail replacement bus services, snowflakes, sunshine, rain, the list of excuses is endless. Forget enjoyment, commuting is about survival. This is your guide to getting to work and back again with your sanity intact.

Packed with quizzes (what kind of commuter are you?), trivia (the dirtiest seats on the Underground), tips and techniques (seat etiquette, armpit dodging), a commuter's lexicon (Comfort paradox, Seat remorse), complaint letter templates and more, this is everything you need to channel your fury and make the best of the journey to work.

This book is a call to arms and a sign of solidarity amongst commuters. Whenever you see a fellow traveller with a copy, give them the secret sign of the commuter: ignore them completely. But inside you both will know that you are part of a silent army.

We are commuters. We are coming. But we will probably be at least half an hour late.

I An Distracted by Everything

Liza Tarbuck



Comments sent in by my listeners:

'Once I took some black puddings out of the freezer only to find a mole! I had found it in the garden and intended to send it to Chris Packham for Springwatch' Mrs D

'My mum said women of a certain age shouldn't wear beige jackets as from the back they look like a baked potato.' Lorna - Edinburgh

Travelling back in time:

I don't want to be a killjoy, but I remember a time before duvets were the norm, so I'm already apprehensive. And bearing in mind the lack of female toilets now, basic needs are going to be tricky.

Stylish Snippets:

Children, drunks and leggings NEVER lie

The Atom Bomb

The idea of 'the bomb' had me awake for years. I felt it might be up to me to get the cellar ready, but Mum was rather casual about the whole thing

I am genuinely distracted by everything, and I don't think I'm alone in this. I consider my love of distraction a thing to be cherished.

Like the annuals of my youth, this book is filled with puzzles, activities and mental musings. I hope that every page tickles your fancy. This book might be a perfect conversation starter at a dinner table, or the last thing you're flipping through before bed. I promise that you'll laugh at least once.

So here we go. I am passing my distractions on to you.


The fans who have already been distracted by Liza's new book . . .

'It's wonderful!' Harry Hill

'The perfect gift' Dawn French

'Utterly glorious' India Knight

'I do love Liza Tarbuck so' Miranda Hart

'National treasure' Sue Perkins

The Undoing Project

Michael Lewis


'A gripping account of how two psychologists reshaped the way we think ... What a story it is' Sunday Times
'You'll love it ... full of surprises and no small degree of tragedy' Tim Harford

In 1969 two men met on a university campus. Their names were Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. They were different in every way. But they were both obsessed with the human mind - and both happened to be geniuses. Together, they would change the way we see the world.

'An enchanted collaboration ... During the final pages, I was blinking back tears' The New York Times

'My favourite writer full stop. Engages both heart and brain like no other' Daily Telegraph

'Brilliant, a wonderful book, a masterclass' Spectator

'Psychology's Lennon and McCartney ... Lewis is exactly the storyteller they deserve' Observer

Strictly Come Dancing Annual 2018

Alison Maloney

Don your finest feather boa and be prepared to shimmy under the glitter ball!

Series 15 of Strictly Come Dancing is back and more glamorous than ever. Let yourself be twirled around the dance floor by the 2018 annual, your perfect guide to divas, drama and dancing.

Get the lowdown on all of the celebs and dancers. The Official Strictly Come Dancing Annual 2018 is simply fabulous.

Featuring a sequin-studded cast of celebrities, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes exclusives this annual is your perfect partner for the glittering world of Strictly.

Doctor Who: Dalek

George Mann (and others)

Dalek is the never-before-told history of the Doctor's most dangerous enemies, the famous ‘Outer Space Robot People’ of the planet Skaro - from their genesis in the thousand-year conflict between Thals and Kaleds, to their survival of the Time War and (as foreseen by the Time Lords) their conquest of the universe. Along the way, the authors also reveal all-new stories about these legendary creatures - terrifying near-mythical adventures, startling visual recreations of never-before-seen conflicts, and more. Each of them helps shed new light on what has become the most feared alien race in the universe.

With full-colour illustrations, concept art, cutaways, diagrams, comic strips and more, Dalek is a dramatic retelling of the ascent of the 'supreme race', and the story of the mysteries that lurk in unexplored corners of the universe. It is the ultimate celebration of all things Dalek.

Outside Insight

Jorn Lyseggen

Is your business looking out?

The world today is drowning in data. There is a treasure trove of valuable and underutilized insights that can be gleaned from information companies and people leave behind on the internet - our 'digital breadcrumbs' - from job postings, to online news, social media, online ad spend, patent applications and more.

As a result, we're at the cusp of a major shift in the way businesses are managed and governed - moving from a focus solely on lagging, internal data, toward analyses that also encompass industry-wide, external data to paint a more complete picture of a brand's opportunities and threats and uncover forward-looking insights, in real time. Tomorrow's most successful brands are already embracing Outside Insight, benefitting from an information advantage while their competition is left behind.

Drawing on practical examples of transformative, data-led decisions made by brands like Apple, Facebook, Barack Obama and many more, in Outside Insight, Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen illustrates the future of corporate decision-making and offers a detailed plan for business leaders to implement Outside Insight thinking into their company mindset and processes.

The Almanac

Lia Leendertz

The Almanac revives the tradition of the rural almanac, connecting you with the months and seasons via moon-gazing, foraging, feast days, seasonal eating, meteor-spotting and gardening. Award-winning gardener and food writer Lia Leendertz shares the tools and inspiration you need to celebrate, mark and appreciate each moment of the year.

Doctor Who: The Doctor Who Book of Whoniversal Records

Simon Guerrier

The Doctor Who Book of Whoniversal Records is a celebration of the greatest – and strangest – achievements from the brilliant, impossible world of Doctor Who. Bursting with firsts and bests both human and alien – from the biggest explosion in the universe to the first human to time-travel; from the longest fall through space to the shortest life-form that ever lived – this book will answer all of your burning questions about the last of the Time Lords and his adventures through time and space. These are feats literally impossible to try at home – but Whoniversal Records has the photographs to prove they happened! Packed with astounding facts, figures, and fun, The Book of Whoniversal Records is the ultimate Christmas must-have for Doctor Who fans everywhere (and every-when!).

Match of the Day Annual 2018

From the UK's number 1 footy magazine, the very best footy annual is back!

Crammed full with fun football trivia, quizzes, games, puzzles, top 10s, cartoons and more, this is the only annual fans of the beautiful game will need.

Featuring Gary and all of the MOTD presenters, Paz, Ketch, and the planet's top teams and players, Match of the Day Annual 2018 is the best around – it will be on the top of your Christmas list!