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Getting On

Alan Bennett (and others)

A full cast BBC production of the much-loved play by the award-winning Alan Bennett.

A British Labour M.P., ten years into his second marriage, feels tethered in a time of change. He is distrustful on the one hand of the "mawkish mentality" of the young and, on the other, of the encroaching life of the middle aged who can look forward to nothing more than the fairly imminent end of a not so very interesting road.

Starring Keith Barron, Emily Richard, David Rintoul, Charles Simpson, Margaret Courtenay, Ian Targett, Pauline Letts & Susan Sheridan.


Lucy Caldwell (and others)

Nineteen and pregnant in Northern Ireland. What would you do?

Coralie is a nineteen year old student. It's the morning of the 30th April and she has just taken a Mifepristone pill, the first stage of a medical abortion. She has ordered the drugs online - illegally. She, and anyone she might confide in, could face prosecution and jail if her actions are discovered. As she waits the 24 hours until she is due to take the second set of pills which will complete the procedure, she reflects on the events that brought her to this moment.

Set in Northern Ireland, the only part of the UK in which the 1967 Abortion Act does not apply, Mayday takes us into the mind of an increasingly isolated, conflicted, and terrified young woman.

Starring Eileen O'Higgins (Brooklyn, My Mother and Other Strangers) as Coralie, the cast also includes Anthony Boyle (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), Sophie Robinson (Rebellion, Fifteen) and Imogen Doel (The Importance of Being Earnest, Whisper).

Produced by Heather Larmour.

Hancock's Half Hour Collectibles: Volume 2

Roy Galton (and others)

An exclusive collection of rare and re-mastered radio material starring Tony Hancock, Sid James and others. With bonus material.

Marking the legacy of one our greatest comedy entertainers, this collection is a must for fans of Tony Hancock and Hancock’s Half Hour.

Duration: 5 hours approx.

Spike Milligan: A BBC Radio Collection

Spike Milligan (and others)

A collection of the best BBC radio programmes about Spike, his life and his career, published to celebrate the centenary of his birth.

New material will be included alongside never before published archive programmes featuring interviews with the man himself that provide a unique insight into his comedy.

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue 16

BBC (and others)

In this sixteenth collection of the perennial antidote to panel games, regular panellists Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden – plus special guests – are given silly things to do by chairman Jack Dee. Over the years I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue has featured many different games, from one off visual spectaculars to firm favourites, returning series after series.

So join Jack and company for some inspired nonsense and pointless revelry, with Colin Sell on the piano!

'ISIHAC is still unmissable. It remains the most thrillingly anarchic panel show in any media you care to name' Simon Mayo, Mail on Sunday

‘The funniest comedy quiz show of them all’ Sue Arnold, The Observer

The Magus

John Fowles (and others)

Nicholas Urfe, a young British graduate, runs away from his monotonous life to take up a teaching post on the small Greek island of Phraxos. There he meets the enigmatic figure of Maurice Conchis, and slowly gets drawn into a world full of strange encounters and psychological tricks on Conchis's estate at Bourani.

When Conchis introduces Nicholas to the enchanting and mysterious Lily Montgomery, reality and illusion begin to intertwine. But what strange game is Conchis playing with Nicholas? And, in this world coloured by artifice and deception, who is really telling him the truth?

First published in 1965, John Fowles's novel The Magus soon gained cult status. Now acclaimed dramatist and screenwriter Adrian Hodges (My Week with Marilyn, The Go-Between, Peter and Wendy, The Musketeers, Survivors, Primeval) has adapted the novel for this new dramatisation starring Tom Burke (War and Peace, The Musketeers) as Nicholas Urfe, Charles Dance (And Then There Were None, Game of Thrones) as Maurice Conchis, and Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter, Brideshead Revisited) as Lily.

Produced and directed by Heather Larmour.

The Museum of Curiosity: Series 9-12

John Lloyd (and others)

Join Professor John Lloyd and Curators Noel Fielding, Jo Brand and Romesh Ranganathan as they plunge down the badger hole of ignorance in a search for the universe's most mind-boggling oddnesses.

The Museum of Curiosity is BBC Radio 4's monumental comedy edifice, and the only one with gargoyles in the foyer. It allows nothing inside that doesn’t make you scratch your head, stroke your chin or, at the very least, go ‘Hmm’. Fortunately, helping to fill its almost vacant plinths is a gathering of the world’s most original minds.

The guests bearing donations to the museum in this collection include Howard Goodall, Corey Taylor, Vic Reeves, Ross Noble, George Monbiot, Lucy Porter, Deborah Frances-White, Sally Phillips and Phil Jupitus and many more.


Sebastian Baczkiewicz

How did Claudius become the man he is in Shakespeare's Hamlet? What were the real reasons behind the murder of his brother? Was Gertrude in on the plan? How does he really feel about his nephew? These questions will all be answered in this drama spiced with ghosts, pirates, magic and political skulduggery.

Claudius is one of the most interesting characters in the Shakespearean canon. In Hamlet he is a murderer, and yet a more than capable ruler. More enigmatically, he either marries Gertrude because it gives him access to the throne or because he loves her desperately; he kills his brother either because he is ambitious and wants power, or because his brother is a drink-sodden meathead, or, simply, because he is in love with his brother's wife. Exploring Claudius' earlier career, this drama is an unravelling of this enigma.

A dark, exciting story that touches on the events and people in Shakespeare's play, and brings us to the moment where Hamlet begins.

From the extraordinary imagination of Sebastian Baczkiewicz, writer of the successful Pilgrim series.

The Pillow Book: Series 1-10

Robert Forrest (and others)

A thriller and love story set in 10th-century Japan.

Lady Shonagon is an imperial courtesan, living at the court of the Japanese Emperor in the 10th century. When a series of disturbing thefts within the palace walls throws the court into confusion and unrest, Shonagon is appointed guide and assistant to Lieutenant Yukinari as he investigates.

Together, Shonagon and Yukinari must solve the mysteries and escalating crimes that plague the Japanese court, and their romance blossoms in the tightly enclosed world behind the high palace walls. But soon Shonagon's lover Tadanobu becomes uncomfortable with how closely they are working together...

The Pillow Book is inspired by the writings of Sei Shonagon, a poet and lady-in-waiting to the Empress of the 10th Century Japanese court. The work of the real-life Sei Shonagon consists of essays, lists, anecdotes, poems, and descriptive passages about her daily life.

This full-cast drama stars Ruth Gemmell as Sei Shonagon, with Yukinari played by Mark Bazeley in Series 1-3 and Cal Macaninch in series 4-10. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Tadanobu is Series 1.
Directed by Lu Kemp.

Anansi Boys

Neil Gaiman (and others)

A new BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatization of Neil Gaiman’s bestselling 2006 novel about Fat Charlie Nancy and his spider God father and brother taking over his life, and generally doing a better job of it than him. But will Charlie be able to get his life back without entering a whole new world of pain?

Charlie Nancy first appeared in Neil Gaiman's American Gods, now a hit TV series.

Hut 33: The Complete Series 1-3

James Cary (and others)

Set during World War Two, Hut 33 follows the adventures of a team of codebreakers at Bletchley Park as they work tirelessly to break German codes, matching wits with the fabled Enigma Machine. Unfortunately, they hate each other.

Archie is a stroppy Geordie socialist revolutionary, while Professor Charles Gardner is a toffee-nosed snob. In theory, the immensely stupid 3rd Lt. Joshua Featherstonhaugh-Marshall is in charge of the hut, but he is still struggling with even the most basic concepts such as his name. They are joined by child prodigy Gordon, and the silent Winstanley. There’s also Mrs Best, the lascivious landlady, and the hut’s Polish secretary Minka, the only competent member of the team – although her answers to everything are usually involve violence.

Starring Tom Goodman-Hill as Archie, Robert Bathurst as Professor Charles Gardner, Alex MacQueen as 3rd Lt. Joshua Featherstonhaugh-Marshall, Fergus Craig as Gordon, Lill Roughley as Mrs Best, and Olivia Colman as Minka.

Produced by Adam Bromley

The Wordsmiths at Gorsemere: The Complete Series 1 and 2

Sue Limb (and others)

A BBC Radio 4 parody of the lives of the Romantic poets by Sue Limb, writer of the hit comedy Gloomsbury.

An everyday story of towering genius, set in and around the Lakeland retreat of William and Dorothy Wordsmith. The Wordsmiths have not long settled in their sublime cottage, when they are visited by the inebriate Samuel Tailor Cholericke and the lascivious Lord Biro, followed by numerous other romantically-inclined writers and leech-pedlars who arrive at the door of Vole Cottage. Dorothy must manage the increasingly chaotic household (assisted by Stinking Iris), while William focuses on his latest masterpiece, ‘The Withered Turnip’. Set against an elegant musical background of trilling sheep.

Starring Denise Coffey as Dorothy Wordsmith, Geoffrey Whitehead as William Wordsmith, Simon Callow as Samuel Tailor Cholericke, Miriam Margolyes as Stinking Iris and Tim Curry as Lord Biro.

Dorothy Wordsmith: Denise Coffey
William Wordsmith: Geoffrey Whitehead
Samuel Tailor Cholericke: Simon Callow
Stinking Iris: Miriam Margolyes
The Leechpedlar: Chris Emmett
Lord Biro: Tim Curry
Teresa Sanseveria: Helen Atkinson Wood
Percy Jelley: Hugh Thomas
Mary Godwit: Alison Fiske
Charles Lump: Nicholas le Prevost
Mary Lump: Julia Hills
Thomas de Quinine: Nickolas Grace
Sir Walter Spott: Bill Paterson
Mary Wordsmith: Iris-Gemma Morlay
John Sheets: Nicky Henson
Sara Cholericke: Angela Pleasance
William Bloke: John Shrapnel
Announcer: Eugene Fraser

Music by Stephen Oliver, sung by Cantabile
Produced by Jonathan James-Moore

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