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Easy Ryder

Ian Stafford

'I just don't think there's ever been a European team which has played better'

This was the gracious verdict of US captain Tom Lehman after his team were emphatically defeated 18H-9H by Europe in the 36th Ryder Cup, held at The K Club in County Kildare.

In an event that was monopolised in the early years by the Americans, this was the three-in-a-row triumph that many said couldn't be won. But, spurred on by motivational captain Ian Woosnam and inspired by the courage of team member Darren Clarke, who made himself available for selection just three weeks after the devastating loss of his wife to breast cancer, the European team romped to victory.

It was an emotionally charged contest that Europe dominated from the outset, and the final score did not even adequately reflect the huge gulf between the high-quality play of the victors and the rather lacklustre performance of the Americans. The result ensured that the Europeans have decisively shrugged off their underdog tag while post-mortems into America's defeat will be long-running.
Easy Ryder is a celebratory account that captures every glorious moment of one of the biggest events in the golfing calendar. Accompanied by many stunning photographs, it is an essential read for all golf fans.

Bradman's Best

Roland Perry

Sir Donald Bradman saw more cricket than anyone else in the twentieth century. He personally watched virtually all the best cricketers from all the major playing nations, as well as both playing in and selecting Test sides from 1928 to 1971, giving him an unprecedented appreciation of the best the sport had to offer. Added to this was a skill in judging a cricketer's capacities and talents that was second to none. Bradman retained all the detail of every match - from the trivia to the humourous moments - and he never lost the ability to distil it all with quite extraordinary perspicacity. And towards the end of his life, from a whole century of cricketers, he selected the very finest twelve for his ideal team.

Now you can read about that team, in the words of the great man himself, and in so doing gain an extraordinary insight into the game he loved.

Country Walks Around London

Geoff Garvey

Country Walks around London describes 26 walks among the picturesque hills, woodlands and valleys to be found in Greater London and its six surrounding counties, all of which can be reached by public transport. Amongst the natural highlights are the beautiful Chiltern hills, the leafy splendours of Epping Forest and the rustic tranquillity of the Darent Valley. Diversions along the way range from the magnificence of Windsor Castle to a multitude of delightful country pubs and churches.

Match of the Day World Cup Quiz Book

Which country has won the most World Cups?
A) Brazil B) Argentina C) Italy

Which country scored the most goals in the 2006 World Cup?
A) France B) Germany C) Brazil

Only 7 countries have won the World Cup in its 80 year history. Can you name them?

Match of the Day's World Cup Quiz Book is just the thing to get the young football fan in your life ready for the biggest football competition in the world!

Packed with quizzes, puzzles, wordsearches, crosswords, spot the ball games and picture teasers, the Match of the Day World Cup Quiz Book is essential reading in the lead up to the World Cup 2010.

(and the answers are: A) Brazil, winner of 5 World Cups; B) Germany scored 14 goals during the 2006 World Cup; and the 7 countries that have won the World Cup are: Brazil, 5 titles; Italy, 4 titles; Germany, 3 titles; Argentina, 2 titles; Uruguay, 2 titles; France, 1 title; England, 1 title)

Always In The Running

Jim White (and others)

Law, Best and Charlton: the names may slip off the tongue with practised ease, but they don't make it into the Manchester United dream team as selected by Jim White, critically acclaimed author of Are You Watching, Liverpool?. Instead, we have the real heroes of the terraces: Schmeichel, Buchan, Bruce, McGrath, Morgan, Hill, Robson, Whiteside, Giggs, Hughes, Cantona and manager Alex Ferguson. This is the post-Busby squad of bad boys, wide boys and hard boys, all players who sweated red during their time at the club. Through anecdotes, interviews, eye-witness accounts and terrace chants, White builds an unmissable portrait of a team awash with everything fans look for in their heroes: loyalty, skill, passion and the ability to sink 20 pints a night. In short, a team of red dreams and blue nightmares.

Walking Diet

Les Snowdon

No Calorie Counting. No special jogging outfits. No pain=gain formula. The walking diet is the revolutionary health and diet programme that everyone can follow. Simply by following this 30 day walking plan, you can become fitter, healthier and slimmer. Research has proved that walking, not jogging, is the most efficient form of exercise, and the only one you can safely follow for the rest of your life. It is the exercise of the Nineties.

Johnny Owen

Jeff Murphy

'It was boxing that gave Johnny Owen his one positive means of self-expression . . . It is his tragedy that he found himself articulate in such a dangerous language' - Hugh McIlvanney

In 1980, Johnny Owen held the Welsh, British, European and Commonwealth bantamweight titles. Nicknamed 'the Matchstick Man' because of the skeletal physique which belied his stamina and aggression, Johnny was hugely popular. With his old-fashioned fighting style, honesty and charm, he was something to cheer about in an uncertain world and a climate of industrial decline.

In the autumn of that year, Johnny made his bid for the World Championship, flying to Los Angeles to fight the skilful, arrogant champion, Lupe Pintor of Mexico. Most pundits considered Pintor unbeatable and Owen out of his depth. Many feared for his life, comparing his emaciated body and slow mind with the power and lightning-quick reflexes of the Mexican.

Both the odds and the crowd were in favour of Pintor, but Owen had his father in his corner as his trainer, and he would produce one of the most courageous displays of bantamweight boxing ever witnessed - one that was bound to end in tragedy. Owen was knocked out in the twelfth round of the epic bout. He never regained consciousness and died 46 days later.

Writing from the unique perspective of co-producer of the BBC BAFTA-winning documentary Johnny Owen: The Long Journey, the author takes an in-depth look at Owen's life and rise to fame and tells the story of the historic week spent in Mexico with the boxer's father and trainer, Dick Owens, and of Dick's emotional reunion with the legendary boxer Lupe Pintor - the man responsible for the death of his son.

It is a story of hope and courageous struggle, of the search for resolution and forgiveness. Johnny Owen is a stunning and beautiful tale of a real people's champion and of the aftermath of one of sport's saddest occasions.

Celtic United

Frank Worrall

Bestselling author Frank Worrall digs deep to highlight the similarities between the clubs' fans and teams, builds a vivid picture of the tragedies and triumphs that have befallen both, and looks at the altruistic intent behind their formation.

Worrall also discusses the reasons why United and Celtic became the first two British clubs to win the European Cup, how they have each had a brilliant but tragic star within their ranks (George Best and Jimmy Johnstone respectively) and analyses the work of the men who have played for and managed each club.

Also given a voice in Celtic United are the fans who proudly swear allegiance to both teams. Rod Stewart, arguably their most famous fan, explains his affection for Celtic and United and describes how it came about that both teams feature in the lyrics of his song 'You're in my Heart'.

Tarmac Warrior

Billy Cribb

Bare-knuckle fighting without the bull! I haven't been to prison for robbery, I didn't know the Krays and I make no claims to be invincible . . . But my life fighting was the closest to hell I will ever get.'Learn what fuels hatred and makes a once-gentle boy into violent man. Read stories of horrific fighting experiences on the Mafia-controlled extreme fight circuit of New York. Prepare yourself for harrowing descriptions of drug addiction, mindless violence and organised crime. Tarmac Warrior has it all. Billy Cribb was born into a Romani/Jew family and spent most of his childhood travelling. His early years were marred by the racism and bigotry his family endured at the hands of small-minded locals in the villages where they worked. These random attacks planted seeds of anger and hatred in Billy which later manifested in his fighting - for Billy Cribb became one of the greatest bare-knuckle fighters of his generation. Revealing an underground fight scene rarely glimpsed by those on the outside, Tarmac Warrior traces Billy's career from his first fights on the motorways and A roads around Britain onto the cross channel ferries which provided an arena for many of his early fights. It then follows Billy's move to Majorca, giving a frightening insight into what really goes on in this seemingly idyllic Mediterranean island: the timeshare racketeering, extortion and organised crime which lie under the surface of the popular holiday destination.

The Red Revolution

Conrad Mewton

Under Gerard Houllier, Liverpool FC are once more a force to be reckoned with, winning five coveted trophies in 2001 alone. Incredible success on the field has come at a price, though. The passionate, committed Houllier has survived a major heart operation and doubts persist as to whether he will ever manage to his former capacity again, fan's idol Robbie Fowler has been sold to bitter rivals Leeds United and a number of former Reds stars have been ruthlessly axed.The Red Revolution recounts a dramatic tale without shying away from the controversies that have accompanied Houllier's reign at Anfield. It examines in an entertaining but insightful way just how Houllier rebuilt the club, rid it of its 'Spice Boys' image, instilled in it new disciplines and tactics, and brought it renewed glory and silverware. The book also highlights the emergence of Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard as home-grown talent that has flourished under Houllier's brilliant coaching and man-management. It details the endless on- and off-field traumas of Robbie Fowler - culminating in his emotive transfer - and scrutinises Houllier's transfer dealings, his relationships with players and supporters and his heavily criticised tactics. Each of his four seasons in charge to date are comprehensively reviewed here - from the ill-fated alliance with Roy Evans to the climax of the triumphant 2001/2002 season. The book also highlights the emergence of Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard as home-grown talent that has flourished under Houllier's brilliant coaching and man-management. It details the endless on- and off-field traumas of Robbie Fowler - culminating in his emotive transfer - and scrutinises Houllier's transfer dealings.

Them and Us

John Scally

What compels thousands of Irish people to travel to the Cheltenham races every March? And what matters more to them - that an Irish horse wins or that the Ould Enemy is beaten? These are the questions which inspired John Scally to write this behind-the-scenes look at the role played by the Irish in the world's favourite race meeting, as jockeys. punters and trainers share their insights and humour. Them and Us tells the stories of some of racing's greatest champions, among them Golden Miller, Arkle and Dawn Run, and features exclusive interviews with the likes of Ted Walsh and Peter O'Sullevan. Including a comprehensive review of the Millennium Festival, including Istabraq's dramatic and historic victory, Them and Us is packed full of reminiscences about memorable races and is essential reading for both Irish and non-Irish racing fans.

The Complete Guide To Knots

Guido Regazzoni (and others)

This handy-sized guide is an indispensable reference book for everyone from the novice to the craftsman and the outdoor adventurer. With everything from everyday knots to decorative and applied knots, this pocket guide reveals what each knot looks like, where you can use it and how to tie it. Each one comes with a short introduction about its properties, easy-to-follow instructions and clear step-by-step photographs showing every single stage. Beginning with a chapter on different types of rope and the situations where they should be used (whether they are flexible, tough, are water resistant or can float), this comprehensive handbook spans simple knots like the Loop knot, sewing knots like the Overhand knot, moving on to climber's knots, applied knots used to make rope ladders or netting, and beautiful ornamental knots. Special sections are devoted to knots used for shortening ropes, those for use as tackles for lifting and moving weights, and importantly, knots that can be tied with only one hand for emergency situations. This essential book will enable you to master 70 of the most useful knots with absolute confidence.

The Winter Game

Todd Nicholls

Rugby has been central to the life of New Zealander Todd Nicholls and, indeed, to that of his country. After the advent of professionalism, however, it appeared to him that the essence and uniqueness of the game had been lost. It was now all about money and entertainment rather than the manly endeavour it had once been.

In an effort to discover whether the spirit that made the game great still existed, Todd embarked on a two-year odyssey over both hemispheres that saw him not only rediscover his passion but also uncover why the sport had changed.

During his journey, Todd examines the state of the game in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the European continent and in Britain and Ireland, and he provides a blistering appraisal of the issues facing rugby today.

Including interviews with past and present rugby giants such as Brian O'Driscoll, Tana Umaga, Sir Clive Woodward, Graham Henry, Lawrence Dallaglio, Richard McCaw, Willie John McBride, Colin Meads, Jack Kyle, Sean Fitzpatrick, Gavin Hastings, Justin Marshall, Dan Carter and Martyn Williams, The Winter Game is for anyone who cares about rugby.

Dark Trade

Donald McRae

This is no ordinary book about boxing. Dark Trade is Donald McRae's vivid personal journey through the intense and forbidding world of the professional fight game. Tyson, Bruno, Hamed, Benn, Eubank, Watson, Jones, De La Hoya and Toney confide in him their fears and longings. Their fantastic, almost mythological stories are uncovered in new and striking detail, derived from the hundreds of hours McRae has spent in their company.With wit, compassion and lucidity, Dark Trade examines the way in which race and violence beat at the heart of our society, and asks what forces men to pursue this most brutal kind of stardom, what drives their outrageous ambition.

Modern Ballroom Dancing

Victor Silvester

Ballroom dancing is back. In universities, town halls, bars, clubs and leisure centres across the UK there are hundreds of thousands of people learning to dance. Strictly Come Dancing attracted millions of viewers and was one of the BBC's most successful new series of recent times. This new edition of Victor Silvester's classic book Modern Ballroom Dancing comes at just the right moment to capitalise on this renaissance. Fully updated and featuring brand new photographs of some of the world's hottest dancing talent, it covers all the most popular ballroom dances, from the four classics that should form the basis of any dancer's repertoire - Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Tango to the great Latin American dances that are so popular - Rumba, Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha and Paso Doble, and Rock 'n' Roll. The clear, comprehensive notes and diagrams on each dance are invaluable to beginners, more advanced students and teachers alike. The book also features sections on the history of dance, showing how modern dances originated and developed, and how they have been influenced by world dance. Perfect for those dancing for fun and for those aiming for competitive performance, Modern Ballroom Dancing will be indispensable to a whole new generation of dancers.

How I Won the Yellow Jumper

Ned Boulting

'Paris, 4 July 2003: My first Tour de France. I had never seen a bike race. I had only vaguely heard of Lance Armstrong. I had no idea what I was doing there. Yet, that day I was broadcasting live on television. I fumbled my way through a few platitudes, before summing up with the words, "...Dave Millar just missing out on the Yellow Jumper." Yes, the Yellow Jumper.'

Follow Ned Boulting's (occasionally excruciating) experiences covering the world's most famous cycling race. His story offers an insider's view of what really goes on behind the scenes of the Tour. From up-close-and-personal encounters with Lance Armstrong to bewildered mishaps with the local cuisine, Ned's been there, done that and got the crumpled-looking t-shirt.

Eight Tours on from Ned's humbling debut, he has grown to respect, mock, adore and crave the race in equal measure. What's more, he has even started to understand it.

Includes How Cav Won the Green Jersey: Short Dispatches from the 2011 Tour de France