Where can I learn more about a particular app?

To find out more information about our apps, visit our Apps page.


I just purchased an app. How do I install it on my device?

Once you've purchased one of our apps it should automatically download onto your device. Please note that some of our apps, depending on the size and your Wi-Fi connection, may take a few minutes to download. However, if your app does not download, click the links below and follow instructions for your particular platform:


Google Play


Will apps run on my computer?

No. Our apps are designed exclusively for use on mobile and tablet devices.


What is an in-app purchase?

An in-app purchase is an additional purchase you make within an app.


Where can I find more information about my device?


Google Play FAQ


I'm having trouble using a Penguin Random House app on my Apple device.

If you are having problems using one of our apps on your Apple device, please try the following:

* Ensure device software is up to date. This can be checked by going to: settings > general > version.

* To view currently running applications, double tap the home button from the iOS home screen. Close apps to free system memory by pressing and holding until a red 'no-entry' symbol appears on the icons. Press each icon you wish to close and finally press the home button to return to normal operation.

* Power cycle the device. Press and hold the power button until the "Slide to power off" appears, swipe the red arrow to power down and after a few seconds, press the power button again to restart.

* If your problem relates to downloading and installing the app from the AppStore, please restart your computer and verify you are correctly logged into iTunes.


I'm having trouble opening an app.

If an app has not opened correctly, or has got stuck/crashed at any point, close it fully before opening it again.

To do this on an iOS device, double click the home button to display your open apps along the bottom of the screen, hold your finger down on one of these icons until they all start to wiggle, then touch the "no entry sign" symbol in the top left corner of the app icon. Touch the main screen area to get back to your normal home screen. When you restart the app it should return to the home screen.

On an Android device force the app closed by going to the device settings and finding the application in the application list, then selecting "force stop".

If, however, the problem continues then try deleting the app and downloading it again onto your device.


I can’t hear any sound from the app.

If you cannot hear the sound in an iOS app, this is usually because of the mute setting on your iPad. There is a mute setting which is easily missed in the control centre that allows some apps

to play sounds but not others.

This thread on the apple forums describes common fixes:

This short video demonstrates the same procedures:


How do I get a refund for my app?

To request a refund from Apple please follow these instructions:

1. Launch iTunes on your computer.
2. Click on your Apple ID in the upper right corner of the iTunes screen. Enter your password when prompted and click "View Account".
3. Scroll down to Purchase History and click "See All".
4. Select the date you made the original purchase. Click the arrow icon at the left of the date to expand the entry and view all items purchased on that date.
5. Click "Report a Problem" next to the specific purchase for which you seek a refund.
6. Describe your reason for requesting a refund in the window that opens. Select a reason from the drop-down menu and enter the details into the "Comment" box.

7. Click "Submit". Apple customer service usually responds to you within 48 hours to let you know if your request has been granted.

To request a refund from the Google Play store, you can do so directly from Google within two hours of purchase as follows:

1. From Google Play, go to “My account”.
2. Scroll down to view “Order history”.
3. Within two hours of purchase, listed apps will have a “refund” button next to them. Tap this button and follow the on screen instructions to claim your refund.

If you want to request a refund for a Google Play app more than two hours after purchase, please email us at the address below.


How can I contact the apps team with a problem?

If you have any further problems with any of our apps, please send an email to:


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