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Need help establishing the bedtime routine? Or are the upcoming clock changes causing you sleepless nights? From the best book recommendations for kids to helpful bedtime tips from experts, we have everything you need to ensure you and your little ones experience some well-earned rest.

Ten Minutes to Bed series

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Sleep expert Heidi Skudder talks bedtime

Clock change tips

A photo of a mother and her daughter doing a yoga stretch on the floor


Simple tips to boost your wellbeing when the clocks change

The clock change will not only affect your child’s body clock, but it will also affect yours. So, here is a friendly reminder to look after yourself too!

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Bedtime stories

Recommended reading

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A photo of a dad and his young daughter reading a book together


The dark side of the moon: a real dad’s bedtime battle

Bedtime is often a routine battle of wills between tot and parent. Much to his dismay, dad-of-one Matt Blake discovered this one bleary evening, when his two-year-old and her unusual partner in crime – the moon – outsmarted him.

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Helpful advice

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Which bedtime book should you read your child?

Bedtime can probably feel like a battlefield sometimes (unless you are blessed with a sleep superstar). Take our quiz to find the perfect story for your little one!

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