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9 tales of friendship that help demonstrate empathy

In this collection of toddler-friendly stories, fan favourites and familiar faces help teach your little one about the importance of empathy and how to be the best friend they can be.

Topsy and Tim help a friend

Topsy and Tim’s classmate Stevie is being bullied by some bigger children. At first Topsy and Tim aren’t sure what to do, but when they see how unhappy Stevie is they want to help – so they decide to tell Mummy and their teacher, Miss Terry, about the bullies. This Topsy and Tim ‘first experiences’ book is a wonderful gentle way to help your child understand bullying, while also emphasising friendship and kindness.

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Peppa Pig: Best Friends

This lift-the-flap book features toddler fave Peppa Pig as she and her family introduces their best friends. From George’s much-loved Mr Dinosaur to Peppa’s partner-in-giggles Suzy Sheep, it shows that good friends come in all shapes and sizes.

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Hey Duggee: The little book of Duggee hugs

Duggee hugs are wonderful things: warm and cuddly and guaranteed to make you smile! This little book is full of them, and as well as making a perfect gift for any would-be Squirrel Club member it’s also a lovely way to show just how magical a friendly hug can be.

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Peppa Pig: I Love You, Mummy Pig

In this sparkly picture book all about love and family, Peppa and George want to show Mummy Pig how special she is. They have a few surprises prepared, but things don’t always go entirely to plan. Even so, there’s lots of fun to be had as Peppa and George show Mummy how much they love her.

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Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Fishy Friends

Peppa’s worried that her goldfish, Goldie, is getting lonely in her tank, so it’s off to the aquarium to find her some fishy company. Will they find someone for Goldie to get along swimmingly with? Of course they will, because everyone needs a friend.

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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: Ben Elf’s Birthday Storybook

Oh dear – Fairy Princess Holly has forgotten about her best friend Ben Elf’s birthday! Can she magic up something special, make him a birthday card AND get to the party on time? Featuring Little Kingdom favourites Ben and Holly, this book is a great way to show children that even best friends make mistakes and that friendship and forgiveness are much more important than magic and presents.

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Peppa Pig: Peppa’s New Friend

There’s a new face at Peppa and George’s playgroup – Gerald Giraffe. He’s much taller than the other children, which makes him feel different. And a little bit sad. But with his new friends around him, Gerald soon realises that everyone is different, and there’s no need to be sad about it. In fact, it’s what makes things fun!

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Peppa Pig: George’s First Day at Playgroup

Peppa isn’t sure she wants George to join her at playgroup – it’s a very big change for both of them. But with all her friends so excited to meet him, will Peppa change her mind? If you know a little one facing their first day at school or playgroup, this book is a good way to help introduce the idea as well as encouraging older ones to show empathy towards their friends and siblings.

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Hello Kitty: Friends Finger Puppet Book

This delightfully quirky and chunky interactive finger puppet book is perfect for young children. Introduce Kitty and all her friends with a wiggle of your finger and a big hello. This chunky board book for toddlers shows it’s never too early to start making friends!

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