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11 Hey Duggee books for Squirrel Club fans

Join us at the Club House for our round-up of the best Hey Duggee books – perfect for fans of this loveable CBeebies favourite. All together now: A-Woof!


Hey Duggee: Sticky Stick Sticker Book

Fans of the viral sensation 'Stick Song' will love this book inspired by the rave-like CBeebies tune. Packed full of fun puzzles and the stickiest of stickers,  your little Duggee devotee can solve mazes, spot the difference and decorate sticks to their heart's content. 

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Hey Duggee: Scribble and stick

This activity book is the perfect gift for creative Duggee fans, with games, puzzles and pictures to complete and solve. Featuring all the Squirrel Club favourites and – of course – Duggee himself, Scribble and Stick is packed with all sorts of drawing, painting and stickering things to do.

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Hey Duggee: Happy Birthday, Tag!

It’s Tag’s birthday, and Duggee is preparing a very special surprise to help him celebrate. But what could it be? Something big and bouncy and lots of fun, we bet. Well, it wouldn’t be a Squirrel Club party otherwise. Join in the celebrations with your little one as you flip through this bright and colourful picturebook together.

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Hey Duggee: The little book of Duggee hugs

Everyone knows Squirrel Club leader and top dog Duggee gives the best hugs – and this book is full of them! Make someone’s day with this cuddly collection of hugs, guaranteed to make any would-be Squirrel smile.

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Hey Duggee: Get Well Soon, Norrie

Poor Norrie isn’t very well – but luckily Duggee has his Get Well Soon badge, so he knows just what to do. Soon, Norrie’s Squirrel Club friends are on their way to cheer her up, bringing lots of friendly well-wishes and special homemade 'get well' cards. Help your little one collect their very own Get Well Soon badge, including in this book, and the can join the gang too.

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Hey Duggee: Squirrel Club Sticker Activity Book

There’s more sticky fun to be had with Duggee and the Squirrel Club in this sticker activity book - as well as questions to be answered, puzzles to be solved and lots of Squirrel Club badges to be earned. Be prepared to get stuck in!

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Hey Duggee: Follow That Egg!

Oh dear! One of Chicken’s eggs is having trouble hatching and has run away from its Mummy. It’s a good thing Duggee and the Squirrel Club are on hand to help out – although Egg is quite the fast runner, so the Squirrels definitely have their work cut out. This chunky board book will satisfy even the most curious of little hands.

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Hey Duggee: Super stickers

This is Duggee’s biggest sticker book ever! With over a thousand sticky pictures featuring Duggee, the Squirrel Club and all their friends, as well as the usual puzzles, games, drawings and quizzes; your little Squirrels will have hours of fun decorating the pages of this fun activity book that will keep little minds occupied for hours.

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Hey Duggee: Cheer up, pup!

Duggee’s nephew Duggly is visiting the Squirrel Club and although it’s fun having a puppy around, when Duggly isn’t happy he is VERY LOUD. Can the Squirrels help him stop crying? Luckily, Duggee’s got his Puppy Badge and lots of ideas up his sleeve…

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Hey Duggee: Duggee’s Nature Activity Book

Duggee and the Squirrels love exploring the great outdoors. There’s so much to see and do, from collecting leaves to painting pebbles and looking out for some seriously amazing bugs and critters. This activity book is full of ideas to get you and your little one exploring nature, too.

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Hey Duggee: A Day at the Beach

The Squirrels are off to the seaside! They’ve got their buckets, they’ve got their spades, and they’re ready to build the biggest and best sandcastles on the beach. Mr Crab and Nigel are very pleased about this because they’re in need of a new home. Can Duggee and the Squirrels offer a helping hand?

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